This house needs color!

May 20, 2010

I hate painting. But even worse I hate trying to figure out what color to paint. Something radical? But will it look horrible? Hopefully these applications will help my house look fresh, new and not at all gaudy. We’ll see. Now where’s the app that does the actual painting for you?


Maybe you really don’t want to paint. Maybe like me the paint you painted in your bathroom is flaking and you don’t want that to happen again. This app won’t help you pick a color but it will help you determine why your last paint job failed and what you can do to keep it from happening again.


ColorSnap® Visualizer for iPhone

Need to match a color or at least get close? This is the app for you. Take a picture and the application will show the colors that are the closest match. Perfect for when you find that perfect home paint color on someone else’s house! By Sherwin Williams


Color Capture

Same idea as ColorSnap but by Benjamin Moore so use this app if that’s the store you plan to go to.


GE MoodCam

Not exactly a paint app but this allows you to determine lighting in a room and because much of the app washes the room picture with warm or cold hues you can get a feel for what would happen to the room should you decide to lighten the color or yellow it slightly. Better yet maybe it’s not the paint color that’s bugging you. Maybe your room can be fixed with just a few changes in lighting!


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