Thinking Puzzle Games

Jul 4, 2010

These games require thinking and a certain amount of calmness to work your way through the levels. For me, they are more than just fun, they are like little meditations.


Everything about this game is relaxing and satisfying. I love the idea of directing water droplets using tools to fill up a vase. The graphics and the music are also excellent. I wish there was a hint button for the more difficult levels.


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While this game takes awhile to get the hang of, once you do it’s very zen and can become addictive. It requires thinking and breathing through your frustration. I wish it had a hint button. Maybe it does and I haven’t found it yet. Anybody?



This game takes some brains. To make the land flat you have to solve the puzzle and know whether to raise or lower parts of the landscape. Very interesting. A good mental puzzle. Neat graphics.


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