These apps are a quick pick-me-up

Sep 26, 2010

Since of I’ve downloaded all of these news apps, I’ve tried to balance the bad news with good news. Check out these apps for a quick pick-me-up.

Nonviolence NOW

This is truly an inspiring and simple app. It includes quotes from several nonviolent leaders and definitions of character traits. This app is inspiring because it not only contain quotes and definitions, but also suggests actions to practice them. For example, under RESPONSIBILITY, it suggests that you pick up trash that is not your own to improve the quality of your community.



Daily Good is an inspirational website turned app. It includes a quote of the day, inspiration of the day, and a be the change section. Highly recommend!



This is a blog created by an ex advertising executive and it’s full of good idea’s. Some posts have commentary on billboards and other media, others are only his musings.


Dog Rescue

The photos of the dogs will melt your heart. OMG so cute! This app also gives you tips to help out rescue dogs. My only gripe is that under shelters; it only lists one shelter and a website. Why not include all shelters based on location settings? The app developer also seems to be partial to Great Danes, which I thought was funny. I wish I could have one, but a Great Dane wouldn’t fit in my apartment.



I’ll save you the trouble of downloading this app, although it did make me smile. It asks, are you happy? If you answer yes, it says “Good keep doing what you’re doing.” If you answer no, it says “Do something different.” Under the info tab, it has a list of books, websites, and apps that help people discover that elusive feeling we call happiness. Cute!

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