Dec 4, 2010

If you’ve ever wanted to impress some blowhard I highly suggest these apps. Simply change little words in your emails to big ones. Yes, this works (at least in high school papers with arrogant teachers) and hey, you can learn a new word at the same time! Dictionary & Thesaurus

Probably the best dictionary app out there and it doesn’t disappoint when it comes to thesaurus application either. Test comes up with a huge page of alternate words. Unfortunately the free version is a bit lacking (no punultimate) so it may be worth it to upgrade. With pronunciation, word history, spoken word pronunciation, it has a lot more on any other app out there.


FreeSaurus – The Free Thesaurus!

Ugh. Skip this app unless you are never ever disconnected from the internet. Not only does it not have ANY ability to find words without interwebs but the app itself seems to be missing much of the functionality available with other better and free apps.


WordWeb Dictionary

I’m not even sure how to properly access the thesaurus part of this app. It just doesn’t seem to be easy to use for this part of the functionality.



Don’t bother with this free app. Like Freesaurus it’s totally incapable of functioning without the internet. Sure, you may never need a word when you’re not connected to the web, but if you ever travel to anywhere you’re going to want to be able to find words without an internet connection.


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