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Oct 16, 2010

Clock apps for the iPad! (see what I did with the title, there? I know, right! Hahaha).
Ok, moving right along to the clock apps

FlipTime XL

My very first clock app on the iPad! It has a charming old-school radio-alarm clock look. Nice but nothing really outstanding.


LCARS Alarm Clock

I’m a Star Trek fan so this app is right up my alley: an alarm clock that looks like Star Trek: the Next Generation screen. It beeps, chirps and even talks. Lovely provided you’re into Star Trek. And who isn’t? That’s right: nobody.


Emerald Observatory for iPad

Now this one is just absolutely beautiful! It has an unbelievable amount of astronomical info (for example it displays the positions of the planets relative to the sun). To boot it looks bloody amazing! The best clock app on the iPad!


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