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Sep 22, 2016

The process of essay writing can be daunting to many students, requiring a large amount of time and extensive research to produce adequate content. Although the development of writing assistance tools online and in schools offer guidance in writing essays, these resources are often expensive or inaccessible.

To provide a simple solution that addresses this issue which has gripped students of all academic levels, EssayShark has been specifically designed to connect students with writing professionals for comprehensive help on writing assignments.

Revolutionary for students from grade school to PhD candidates, the app offers a platform in which academic writers bid on assignments and allows users to decide which writer best suits the requirements and expectations. The user is then given the ability to directly contact the writer and discuss details regarding what the user wants the writer to help with and deadline for the work. The services of EssayShark provides the necessary information of whether or not the potential writer is qualified to write essays based on a stringent criteria which enables users to avoid worries regarding the quality and integrity of their work.

Based on these highly rigorous criteria, the quality of writing provided by EssayShark is ensured to surpass any minimum requirements as the company aims to verify all writers before allowing them to join the professional team of native speakers with academic writing experience. While the final decision is given to the user as to who is given awarded the assignment, weaker writers are filtered through from the platform as a screening process is utilized to select top talent. As with other custom writing services, EssayShark deals with multiple categories and helps users write academic papers of different types ranging from academic essays, college and high school essays, admission essays, theses, term papers, CV services, presentations, research papers, along with many other types of papers. The vast nature of writing styles that are offered is to ensure the accessibility of the app to a wide range of needs which can be tailored to any student or assignment. Inclusively, users may also write their own content and use the platform to proofread and edit work.

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Through the use of a bidding model, writers bid on projects so that each project will have a custom price as opposed to a single price for all essays on the platform. Simple to use, users post their assignment to the system to which writers bid for the right to complete the essay. As potential writers bid against one another, users are ensured an extremely competitive price through the nature of the pricing model. As a means to protect writers from predatory pricing strategies which undercuts the fair market value, the minimum price set per page is $7.50 which allows writers to be adequately compensated for their work. Although the platform works in a timely manner, utilizing EssayShark for very strict schedules potentially poses an issue as there is a buffer period between when the project is posted to when a writer is actually selected for the work.

For any issues that may arise when using the EssayShark app, platform, or website, the customer service department is available 24/7 to answer any problems or questions. An essential for students at any education level, the app which is available on the App Store provides an easy-to-use writing service that is highly applicable for those looking to avoid the cumbersome task of writing academic papers. Utilizing professional writers, the EssayShark platform connects writers with students to form a marketplace which brings together quality work with assignments at competitive prices made possible through the use of a bidding model.

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