The Rapidly Entertaining Endless Rush

Sep 24, 2016

While mobile gaming is one of the fastest growing areas in the app space, the dilution of games in the App Store makes differentiation from competing apps difficult. As game developers strive to create the next viral sensation, improvements in areas such as gameplay, story, graphics, and usability must be implemented to captivate potential players. Despite the difficulty in achieving the combination of these virality factors, Endless Rush has successfully embodied aspects of addicting gameplay. Through its beautiful 3D graphics, dynamic environments, and ease-of-use, the game is made to be simultaneously entertaining and challenging in order to stand out from similar fast-paced games.

With a creative approach to gameplay that resembles an enhanced version of Temple Run, Endless Rush is based on the premise of a bug-like Rush who must navigate through different worlds to collect and deliver packages in a hyper-speed setting. While the Rush is flying, players must direct the character to avoid obstacles and traps that hinders progress. Developed by Neoglyphic Entertainment, the game exemplifies a magical theme that is perfect for the younger demographic as the missions are easy to understand with user-friendly graphics. The high-speed action that is associated with the game allows it to be enjoyable for those seeking quick visual stimulation as opposed to the slower strategic and puzzle genres that are available.

Dismissing easiness in the gameplay, the challenging nature of the mission is made more achievable through incorporating power ups that include the ability to slow time, have additional hearts, and nectar multipliers for enhanced engagement. While slightly more difficult to play when compared to other available games in the same category, the use of power ups substantially decreases the level of difficulty as players either have more time to react or more attempts once stopped by an obstacle. Furthermore, Endless Rush encourages competitive gameplay through the comparison of scores on the leaderboard that indicate which players have gone the farthest, fastest and gained the most points. This competitive aspect of the game provokes addictive gameplay as scores are made public to see where a player ranks relative to others, ensuring players return to remain above their peers.

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One amazing feature (in addition to the game’s beautiful artwork) is that players who successfully complete challenges by avoiding obstacles are rewarded with digital currency which can be used interchangeably between the “Endless Rush” game and “Beneath the Fall”, another mobile app developed by Neoglyphic Entertainment that takes readers on an interactive journey through the Sunborn Rising novel. Both of which were created using Neoglyphic’s advanced technology platform that brings the capability of cross-medium implementation between reading apps, games, and virtual reality to any publisher.

While Endless Rush is still relatively new on the App Store, the 14 collective reviews have given it a perfect score thus far. The app is also optimized for both iPhone and iPad usage and is completely free to play with in-app purchases. These optional purchases consist of upgrading the Rush character to a stylish purple skin and nameplate which helps players stands out in the leaderboards. The only immediate caveat found in the game is the repetitive nature which is realized only after an extended period of gameplay as the general premise and goals of Rush remain unchanged. However, this issue is expected to be soon dismissed as constant updates are made to the app on a regular basis. Overall, Endless Rush is an artistically stunning endless runner game that takes place withing the same universe as the Sunborn Rising series and made to be difficult to put down once engaged in the competitive realm of the leaderboard rankings and magical themes associated with the challenges of Rush.

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