The Purrfect iPhone Apps for Cat Lovers

May 20, 2010

Whether you’re taking in a stray or a long-term cat lover, these apps will help you take care of your new four-legged friend.

Cat Game (Free!)

If you think cats love pawing at the iPad, wait until they see this app. Cat Games recreates a laser pointer on carpet. As they paw at it, it moves.


Cat Guide

Cat Guide is a reference app that lets you know the difference between a Bengal and a Burmese. It includes information on breed characteristics, like activity levels.


MyPets Info

MyPets Info is an information manager. Keep track of appointments, conditions, dietary restrictions and vaccinations.



Want to find other cat lovers like yourself? Catbook is a community of feline fans on Facebook that lives on your iPhone.


Cat First Aid

Animal first aid is important. Cat First Aid gives you clear advice about the most common cat emergencies.


Cat Training

Cat Training is the kitty manners app. It offers advice on everything from litter-box training, scratching and clawing to how to stop a cat from jumping on tables.


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