The Perfect Blend of Tetris and Puzzles with Bee Nest Puzzle

Jul 27, 2017

One of the most popular games ever to be invented, Tetris, has taken on many forms in the past to include new challenges, modes, and styles. As a classic game that requires players to fit blocks of varying shapes into a row in order to gain points and survive, this notion has evolved from a simple, single-player game to one that can encompass many players battling one another simultaneously. With this, another game that has emerged in the app space that closely resembles this type of gameplay is Bee Nest Puzzle which takes a creative spin on the original Tetris.

Utilizing hexagonal blocks instead of square ones, Bee Nest Puzzle requires its players to solve puzzles of varying shapes utilizing pre-set blocks made of hexagons. Although this may appear to be complicated in the beginning, the premise of the game is extremely easy to comprehend once a user starts. Combining the feeling of solving a puzzle with the mechanisms of Tetris, the game is one that brings a unique experience to those who prefer a more methodical style of gameplay instead of those that require less strategy. Even though puzzles are known not to provide as much visual stimulation as action games, Bee Nest Puzzle is able to break this barrier by bringing various game modes beyond the standard puzzle mode. For example, other modes including random and funny bring variety into the gameplay so that players never get bored of simply solving the puzzles.

Bee Nest Puzzle – Hexagon Block Game

Beehive hexagon block puzzle casual game, 3000 stage of tetris and sliding mode

Extremely easy to navigate, the app starts off easy for new users to grasp the concept and then progressively gets more difficult as players further advance. Through this, learning how to play becomes more intuitive which makes it appropriate for all demographics to begin. Beyond this, Bee Nest Puzzle also introduces world ranking mechanisms to increase the competitive nature of the game. In doing so, players are able to compete for rankings with one another in the global environment so that the best performers are able to see how well they rank against others.

Bee Nest Puzzle requires its players to solve puzzles of varying shapes utilizing pre-set blocks made of hexagons

Although Bee Nest Puzzle is a game that brings together puzzles and Tetris in a new way, many other similar games also exist on the app stores to reflect a great degree of competition. For example, Hexagon and Hexa Puzzle similarly utilizes hexagons in a fixed pattern to solve a puzzle. However, Bee Nest Puzzle is able to greatly differentiate itself from this competition by offering over 3,000 different levels for the players to choose from. With so many different levels, users have a much longer play time and are adequately challenged instead of running out of levels after a few hours.

Available for both iOS and Android, Bee Nest Puzzle is one of the most intriguing classic puzzle games that are available. Combining elements of both Tetris and puzzles, the game brings a unique experience to those who are looking for a pastime which can provide entertainment that is both challenging as well as fun.

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