The Perfect Apps For A Girls’ Night Out

Jun 18, 2010

Keeps Girls’ Night fresh and fun with these must-have apps.

Girl Talk

Think of it as a magic 8 ball, but instead of answering, it’s asking the questions. It’s full of the questions you’ve always wanted to know, but have been too sober to ask.


Pick-Up Lines!

Cheesy pickup lines? A must. Rock-paper-scissor and see who has to use one of them on the cute bartender.



BarCards turns a night at the bar into a scavenger hunt. The idea is that the loser buys the winners drinks – both lite and paid version. The paid version comes with less ads and more cards!


Night Camera

Night Camera makes it possible to capture moments in low-light situations. It comes with a timer so you can make sure you’re included as well.


Curb – The Taxi App

Taxi Magic allows you to find, call, track and sometimes pay for your cab all from your iPhone. Of course, the cab company has to be participating in the “magic booking” system. If they don’t offer “magic booking,” you’ll still get a list of nearby companies to call.


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