The Onion Apps

Jan 17, 2012

If you’re a fan of The Onion you’ll want these apps.

The Onion

This is the official app from The Onion and you’ll definitely want this if you love the website. You’ll be able to view the most current updates when connected to the web and when not connected you can look at the saved pages you’ve collected. Good solid work.


Real Or Onion

One of the best parts of The Onion is how often people mistake it for real news. Better yet (or not) is when real news seems to belong better on The Onion. Well this app takes that to a whole new level. You play the game and choose if a headline is real news or The Onion. Sadly harder than it should be.


The Onion Tablet

The same app as The Onion app above but for your iPad.


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