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Sep 13, 2016

One of the oldest and most reliable forms of electronic communication has been the radio, evolving from usage solely for broadcasting critical information to current applications in news, entertainment, music, and even military purposes. While radio communication is still a popular and inexpensive source of information, it’s migration into the mobile space has made it more accessible than ever before with mobile apps on smartphones as opposed to stationary radio players.

This increased sense of accessibility has made thousands of stations around the world available at the cost of simplicity and intuitive use, an experience which nRadio aims to enhance for its users.

With a highly customizable interface, nRadio makes the listening experience more personalized by giving users the ability to manipulate various aspects of the app as well as listening habits. This is exemplified in the ability to alter the background as well as various text element colors to counter the bland stock options available with other Internet radio apps. Beyond this, listeners can tailor the app to their listening routine through options that include utilizing the built-in speedometer while on-the-go or the alarm to be woken up to a favorite radio station with a gradually increasing volume alarm for a more pleasant experience waking up. Boasting access to over 20,000 radio stations from over 49 countries directly from the app, nRadio is suitable for worldwide usage as nearly every radio station is made available. Even for less-known stations which are not automatically available in the directory, users can manually add more stations if the streaming address is known, ensuring universal access to radio stations regardless of size.

Despite the vast number of radio stations that are made available, filtering and selecting one that the user prefers is simplified as lists are made to be searchable with ease. This is achieved through the use of a picker wheel in the home screen that makes browsing for stations as intuitive as rolling the radio dial in a car or stereo. To further the idea of intuitive design, nRadio makes it possible to have the stations of a specific country on the picker wheel for quick filtering by nationality. While the notion of a picker wheel may appear simplistic and obvious on the surface, it resolves the major issue that arises when a country contains many of radio stations. For instance, countries such as the United Kingdom which houses thousands of stations means that users must either know the name of the station which they prefer or manually scroll through the complete list of stations to find ones that they are interested in. Opposite to this, the picker wheel makes it more efficient to browse through the entire list of radio stations without the need for manual selection or prior knowledge of favorite stations, a feature that distinguishes the app from related Internet radio players.


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The implementation of dynamic shortcuts means that for nRadio users, listening to the radio does not require the process of opening the app and selecting the most used station, but instead a “force touch” option allows for a single click to start playing the selected station. As a radio player that emphasizes ease-of-use and visual design, the album art of whatever is playing is displayed from a series of sources such as iTunes and along with the artist information for the effect of visual completeness. With design being central to functionality, the app is made to be intuitive and simple to use, displaying a minimalist design on the main screen and showing only what is required for quick navigation. While the app is $0.99 on the App Store, the many features that it offers makes it a multitool radio player whereas competing apps which are free fail to replicate the range of services that nRadio contains. Despite this, the fit of certain features to the app may be obscure yet pose no threat to the usability or experience for its users. This is namely witnessed in services such as the temperature and altimeter displays which may be useful information to have access to, but serves limited utility to those who are listening to the radio.

For its low price, the app is universally compatible with all iPods, iPads, and iPhones coupled with the ability to pause or play from other Apple devices including the Apple Remote and Apple Watch for the greatest accessibility possible. Suitable for both avid radio listeners and those who casually tune in less frequently, nRadio provides an inexpensive means to accessing radio stations around the world and ensures entertaining content for listeners of any demographic as thousands of radio stations are made available. With many functionalities ranging from speedometers, alarms, and altimeters all centered around the notion of simplistic design, nRadio is highly customizable and is created to be a more personal radio player instead of a cookie-cutter style player.

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