The Most Basic Facebook Apps You Must Have on your iPhone

Jan 11, 2017
Social Media

Whether you like it or not, Facebook has become an essential part of our lives. Being a disruptive innovation, Facebook has had, at varying degrees, its effect on social connections, content consumption, marketing methods, business development, and personal communication. Consequently, Facebook is much more than the virtual extension of your personality, as it provides a multifarious online platform to achieve a wide variety goals. Aince Facebook was designed to be highly addictive, you have to be extremely cautious to not get completely hooked on pointless timeline scrolling, since pretty soon you’ll find yourself checking Facebook on your phone every five minutes. Regardless, for about the quarter of Earth’s population, not being on Facebook is an impossible scenario, which is evidenced by the fact that Mark Zuckerberg’s brain child clocked in at 1.79 billion active users in 2016. We kinda sorta suspect that you’re one of the aforementioned 1.79 billion, but in case you’re not, and you’re about to get started with The Social Network, you’ll find the below introductions to most the basic Facebook apps for iPhone even more useful.

Facebook Messenger

Messenger for iPhone is Facebook’s official and wholly free messaging app allowing you to message and call not only your Facebook friends, but also people in your phone book. Facebook Messenger spices up conversations with an immense selection of stickers ranging from super cute to super weird, while also giving you the option to share links, photos, and videos, and easily forward them to friends who are not in the conversation. You can also shoot photos and videos directly from the app, record voice messages, and make free calls to any part of the world. In Facebook Messenger, you’ll always see if your friends have read your messages, so don’t even think of getting sneaky! Rounding out Facebook Messenger’s features are an easy-to-use search function, notifications, and displayed availability and last activity of Facebook friends.

Facebook Pages Manager

You don’t have to be a social media manager to manage a Facebook page! Millions of people create Facebook pages simply for fun, so it’s only natural that we include Facebook Pages Manager in our compilation. Facebook Pages Manager is the go-to tool for managing Facebook pages, although its latest update has brought about a tidal wave of user backlash, reporting several bugging bugs, denoting the app as the epitome of mediocrity. As for its features, Facebook Pages Manager packs the same options as the basic Facebook app (posting updates, replying to messages and comments, etc.), while also delivering in-depth page insights.

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Facebook Groups

Facebook Groups is another official Facebook app, with this one – as it is evidenced by its name – focusing on groups. With Facebook Groups, you can see and manage your Facebook groups without having to deal with the abundance of distractions bombarding you in the form of messages, notifications, and updates. Create, discover, and join new groups, and keep it simple and distraction-free with this easy-to-use app, which, based on recent reviews, could sure use an update or two.

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