The Most Awesome of all Dork Apps

Feb 27, 2012

Are you a dork? Do you love our dork lists? Then, this list is for you!

Printed Ink

Ever wondered how many times a particular word or phrase appeared in literature from the 1800s until now? Well now you can, thanks to Google. Just enter the date range and the word or phrase. Awesome!



Do you know that the leading factor in hearing loss is NOISE? Yes, that’s right any kind of noise. Well, this devise measures how much NOISE is around you. Over 90 is dangerous. And you would be surprised just how many simple environments are over 90db. The supermarket, the bus, etc.


Color Match

This game is awesome. See if you can match the color using the RGB sliders. Very neat and you are only given two hints.


Anatomy Pronunciations Lite

If you are taking anatomy, this app will help you immensely. Just pick the word and it will pronounce it for you. PERFECT! It also links to Wikipedia and Google definitions.


How to make Paper Airplanes

Who doesn’t love making paper airplanes? Fun for kids and adults. Neat!


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