The Most Appolicious Apps of 2011

Dec 12, 2011

Journalism student (with a photography background) that greatly app-reciates social media integration and innovative design.


Perfect way to browse favorite news sources on a platform that understands our attention span.


Flipboard: Your Social News Magazine

News for the visual readers. This app has revolutionized the way we turn the page…



One of my favorite iPhone apps for editing photos – an essential! Needs recognition.



A vital app for students on a PC based campus.



Channel your inner analogue with contests and more filters than Instagram…



Gathers news links based on what you’ve shown interest in on social media.



Love the new iOS5 Twitter integration!


Complete Class Organizer – Student Version

Take organized class notes, view schedule, add tasks, record audio, draw graphs, view PDFs for school, import w/ DropBox, email/print notes, and keep track of your GPA!


Apple Store

Convenient way to shop and schedule workshops!


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