The Mobile Farmer

Apr 13, 2011

Farmers aren’t always known for being on the cutting edge of consumer technology trends. Because of smartphones, though, the farming industry in particular, along with the agriculture industry as a whole, is going through rapid changes. By using mobile technology, farmers are becoming more efficient, more data-driven, and more real-time.


The Tank Mix app by Dupont helps farmers determine the proper amount of chemicals and chemical-to-water ratio in order to fill a specific tank size or treat a specific size field. It’s a really great tool to help with crop management and supply management!


Agriculture Price Alert

Agriculture Price Alert provides a push notification to give farmers market price information on certain crops. That info gives the farmer the signal that he or she needs to stop what they are doing and sell their crops at the optimal price.


7 CFR – Agriculture (LawStack’s Title 7 Code of Federal Regulations)

The Agriculture Regulations app gives farmers quick access to regulation references, with the ability to bookmark the particular rules that apply to their specific operation, a critical issue for farmers, due to the significant number of government and industry rules they must follow.


DTN/The Progressive Farmer: Agriculture News

The Progressive Farmer, counting on this trend towards greater tablet adoption, recently released an agriculture information app for the iPad. Farmers complained that in general, information was difficult to see and read on the much smaller iPhone screen. The Progressive Farmer app’s iPad app can display weather, agriculture headlines, and commodities market prices all on one screen in a way that is easy to read and use.


Mower Match

John Deere is developing mobile technology that allows an engine to broadcast its problems, so that operators, farm managers, and farm owners in general can be more proactive in preventing expensive breakdowns. Mower Match is a consumer app for helping with purchasing a tractor mower, but additional options are coming soon in line with their ambitious vision for mobile-enabled farming.

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