The Ladies of Daytime TV

Jun 10, 2010

No no, not soap operas but talk show ladies. All of these gals have made their name on your television set and all have an app. Want to stay up on what they’re doing? There’s an app for that.

Oprah Mobile

While Oprah may be the richest woman ever (or right up there) you’re not going to get this app for free.

That said you’ll get a lot from this app. Schedules, articles and a huge amount of the information on the website is available to you here. You can get to the magazine and the radio show as well.

If you’re a big Oprah fan you should have this app, but then again you probably already do!



Gotta love giving away the app for free. Clips from the show, what Ellen is blogging, her tweets and pictures are all here. Not as complete as Oprah but then Ellen doesn’t put out a huge magazine, isn’t quite the resource that Oprah is and doesn’t produce a radio show. Definitely a fun app to have for the Ellen fan.


All about Tyra Banks

A costly little app for not much information. But then it’s not from Tyra herself or I’m certain it would be far more interesting. With all the shows and things Tyra is doing she should probably get her own app and show this one the hand. That said, love Tyra get an app.


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