The Know-it-all Tourist

Sep 19, 2010

I love to travel, but like my male counterparts, I hate asking for directions! This is where my iphone comes in handy. These apps help you navigate lands near and far and lead you directly to coolest restaurants and the must-see points of interest without the hassle of getting lost and wasting precious vacation time!

Wikihood Plus

Wikihood Plus is a must! It organizes information from Wikipedia by geography and automatically tells you all the important sights and restaurants nearby. Complete with descriptions and any history related facts, it’s perfect for traveling as well as discovering new things about your own neighborhood!


Convertbot — The Amazing Unit Converter

This not only helps you figure out how much money you’re truly spending abroad, but it also converts distance, time (12hr clock vs 24 hr), mass, speed, temperature, and volume. This would have been a big help when, before the time of iphones, I tried to make Toll House cookies in Italy using the metric system! In case you were curious, the cookies turned out to be burned butter oozing pancake-like blobs.


Beat the Traffic

More detailed than the traffic maps the iphone’s native Maps application. This is great for roadtrips!


GasBook: Cheaper Gas Prices, Better Fuel Economy – Gas Station Finder and Fuel Log Book All In One

Who doesn’t hate spending too much for gas? This handy app finds the cheapest gas station near you!


TripIt: Trip Planner

This app has a spot on nearly all the travel app lists and with good reason. It keeps all your travel information and confirmation numbers in one place. I find this to be a great tool in making my sojourns less stressful and, in turn, more enjoyable!

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Spanish-English Translation Dictionary and Verbs

If you’re like me and your high school Spanish is by no means good, but still slightly more advanced than what’s usually given in phrasebooks then the Ultralingua Dictionary series is for you! It may seem like an expensive app (between 15 and 25 dollars), but it isn’t when you consider the price of full language translators, which is what this really is. A full translation look-up is available in English and Spanish (or whichever language you choose) as well as a verb and conjugation look-up. Everything is downloaded to your phone, so no wifi is needed. I found this app so useful, I ended up carrying my unserviced iPhone with me everywhere on a three month trip solely for this application.


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