The Infamous “I” Issue with iOS 11.1 and How to Fix It

Nov 6, 2017
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With the much anticipated iOS 11.1 being released, many users who have upgraded their system are already experiencing various issues such as battery life, performance, and a new problem relating to typing. Although battery life and performance are issues that are not new to people who have upgraded their version of iOS in the past, the one associated with typing is new, leaving many to look for a quick solution while Apple develops a more permanent patch.

What happens when a user types the letter “I” in the keyboard is that it will automatically replace it with an “a” and a question mark sign which can be extremely frustrating for those who need to send texts, emails, or searches. As this bug affects nearly the entire family of Apply products from iPhones to iPads and iPods, the solution from Apple is expected to be developed soon given its urgency. In the meantime, this article discusses ways in which users can fix the issue on their own before a patch is released.

when a user types the letter “I” in the keyboard it will automatically replace it with an “a” and a question mark sign

To quickly fix the issue, users can go into the Settings app -> General -> and then Keyboard. From there, select Text Replacement and then select the plus sign and put the capital “I” to be replaced with the small “i”. In doing so, the capital “I” which is experiencing the issue will automatically be turned into a small “I” which is not having any issues.

Beyond this, a more tedious replacement for the characters that are replaced with the letter “I” is to copy the entire sentence or input and then paste it again. Doing so will then fix the sentence quickly although it can be extremely tedious to copy and paste every single keyboard input to fix the sentence.

For those who have already upgraded their Apple products to iOS 11.1 and are looking to undo it, downgrading is an option that will restore the device back to an earlier version. To do so, readers should check out this article which describes in detail the different methods that can be utilized to downgrade to a previous, more stable version of iOS.

Given the issues that are still associated with upgrading to iOS 11.1, it is highly recommended that users wait for a more stable version to be released prior to upgrading. Although these issues do not affect every single Apple product, many people have been experiencing issues and so upgrading should be done cautiously.

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