The Indispensable Top 10

Dec 10, 2010

My list of the most useful, indispensable, entertaining, or just plain fun apps I’ve found to date (December 2010).

Pandora – Free Music & Radio

I thought I knew a lot of artists, until I started using Pandora. My favorite music app, primarily because the playlists it creates have opened the door to tons of artists in genres I already know I’ll like. (Free)



For only $10, you get a really solid word processing program. Try that with Word. Add a keyboard, and you might never go back to the desktop. ($9.99)



The only drawback to Hipstamatic is that there are so many film/lens/flash combinations possible, it is tough to remember what each combo will do. Lag time waiting on images to process aside, this thing just takes BEAUTIFUL pictures. ($.99)


Clear Day® – Weather HD (formerly)

Nothing may be less glamorous than weather forecasts. However, this one displays really beautiful and relaxing videos based upon the current or forecasted weather. Great to just leave on a stand on your desk when you’re not using the iPad. The Christmas Edition includes images that can be turned off (or not) after the holidays. ($.99)


AirAttack HD

Addictive and easy to learn game that lets you get some WWII payback. My 7-year old loves this game almost as much as I do. ($.99)



If you think a gingerbread man running, jumping, ducking, and swinging sounds a great game, you’re not delusional. Very addictive, easy-to-learn, hard-to-master. ($.99)


Dragon Dictation

Nothing fancy here, really, but I have found this to be invaluable, particularly when speaking is more appropriate than texting (such as when driving). The speech-to-text is surprisingly accurate, even with a Texas accent, and even mistakes are close enough to make sense. (Free)


Shazam – Discover music, artists, videos & lyrics

An oldie but a goodie. I still break this one out a few times a month to ID that great, old song playing on the radio, so I can save it for purchase later in iTunes. (Free)


Qik Live

If you have a need to be watched (or just want to share a cool moment), you should try this app. Qik was one of the first websites to use smart phones to broadcast live video, and it’s still a great resource. (Free)


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