The first 10 iPad apps

Aug 8, 2011

I’ve been an iphone app junky for years and now with my ipad I’m rediscovering a new way to be productive and informed. Fewer apps needed but here are the first 10 you should download

Evernote – capture notes and sync across all devices. Stay organized.

I’m an evernote fan but I was stunned with this slick interpretation. I use it everytime I have the ipad open. Notes, meetings, ideas, and much more.



You really get what you pay for and while 2do had a brilliant iPhone UI the iPad is even better. It’s is a production desktop of tasks and projects. Beautiful and easy to use. Worth every red cent.


Calvetica Calendar

If your calendar fell in love with a beautiful Swiss lady this would be the result. Best Calendar app interface you’ve ever seen. Clean but allows for lots of data to be readily visible.


Reeder for iPad

Whether its news or the latest blog posts if you rely on RSS feeds to stay informed this Reeder is a necessity. Amazing interface.



There are several of these on the market but this one is free and very well done.


Flipboard: Your Social News Magazine

Just download it – it’s incredible way to flip through images, news, instagram and much more. It makes me weepy with wonderment.



It’s a visual contextual search engine – I use it for party tricks because it is so slick.



While it still needs some work it is a lovely way to browse through twitter. No list management and a few missing elements keep it from being amazing. Add echofon as well.



It’s a beautiful reading experience and YouVersion is continues to improve this app. Follow along reading plans, add bookmarks, and join live events. Youversion is my primary Bible.


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