The essential London travel apps

Aug 2, 2010

The essential apps that help navigating London on public transport.

London Tube Deluxe

The best planner, and push notification to know if you need to get up early if your normal line has delays.


Tube Exits Lite

Saves those vital few minutes getting out of the tube first, or just saving your sanity by beating the crowds


London Bus

Its not just buses, but the TfL travel site for all London travel, bus, tube and train in a handy app. It shows a choice of routes, and shows where buses are often quicker than tubes.


London Cycle: Maps & Routes

Until there is the official app, this is the best guide to the new London cycle hire scheme, showing where the bike docks are, and giving directions and routes as well as some other handy hints


London Tube 09

Not essential, but is interesting as shows the tube map on a real world map, so you can see how close some tube stops are, rather than using the stylised London Underground map we are all used to.


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