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Oct 1, 2010

Being an informed citizen about the news of the world and staying in touch with pop culture takes work! Here are some apps to bring the info to your fingertips!

NYTimes – Breaking Local, National & World News

This is a clean newspaper app and one of the first apps I ever downloaded. While it misses out on the “feel” of reading a newspaper, the NYTimes app delivers the most recent and the most popular stories easily.


Vanity Fair Magazine

This cool app brings the entire current month’s edition of Vanity Fair magazine to the iPhone. The app includes photos, VF’s fun diagrams, entire articles, the editor’s letter and even the masthead; nothing is lost except maybe those tear out perfume samples! Well worth the 4.99 price!


TIME Mobile

Not as fully formed as the Vanity Fair app, but this one is free! Get the top and latest stories from Time Magazine easily with this app!


LIFE Mobile

A well done app for Life Magazine. It can be a bit slow at times, but you forgive it quickly when you see all the amazing photographs Time is famous for.


The Huffington Post

If you ever tried to put HuffPo in an RSS reader you’re in for a huge headache as the amount of content this blog pushes through is massive! This app organizes the opinion pieces and stories in a much more digestible way!


LinkedIn Pulse: The news and insights you need to know

This is the sleekest mobile reader I have seen to date. It’s so well designed you actually feel a tinge of excitement opening it. The bad (good?) thing is it only lets you add 20 sources, but perhaps in this age of information over saturation, this is a good thing!

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