The Best Space Games All True Sci-Fi Fans Must Have on their iPhone

Mar 10, 2017

The universe in infinite. Can you imagine that? The human mind is not wired to grasp the concept of infinity, as we are used to things that have a beginning and have an end – and the universe has neither! Space has been tickling the curiosity of mankind ever since our prehistoric ancestors began walking the face of the Earth, and although we are incomparably more advanced in all conceivable ways, you are still gazing at the stars with a baffled amazement eerily akin to what the first upright men had probably felt when they were mesmerized and enchanted by the glimmering mysteries of the illuminated night sky. Despite the exoplanet discoveries of recent years, we have yet to come across any form of extraterrestrial life, but since the human mind is – just like the universe – infinite, we have populated space, the final frontier, with the multifarious products of our imagination. Science fiction set in space is a relatively new subgenre, but the legacies of sci-fi masterminds will live on for aeons to come, their wonderful stories echoing through eternity, inspiring the future generations of likeminded artists. Knowing that science fiction is forever etched into the fabric of both pop culture and everyday life, and knowing that the number of sci-fi fans worldwide must be in the billions, it is only natural that there are as many space games for iPhone as there are stars in the sky. To help you find the brightest stars of all, we have put together a compilation introducing the best space games you should definitely have on your iPhone if you call yourself a sci-fi fan.

Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes


Even if you’ve just set your extraterrestrial feet – or whatever limbs you have that you use for walking (all apologies to levitators) – on planet Earth, you have probably heard of the ever-growing Star Wars-saga. In Star Wars: Galaxy Heroes, you can play with all your favorite dark side and light side heroes (including brand new characters from The Force Awakens and Rouge One), assembling a team of rebel daredevils or Sith supervillains, then leading them to action-packed turn-based battles against teams of opposing forces, brutal bosses such as Jabba’s pet Rancor, and against starship fleets. Collect and upgrade your favorite heroes, antiheroes, and starships, test your squad in PvP arenas and tournaments, create customizable Guilds with your friends to face off against legendary monsters and foes to make it to the top of leaderboards, and become the ultimate ruler of the galaxy!

Star Trek Trexels


The fierce nerd war between hardcore Star Wars and Star Trek fans has been raging for what feels like decades, and, to be perfectly honest with you, it’s absolutely hilarious. Don’t get us wrong, we have absolutely no intention of ridiculing relentless fandom, the purest form of true love, but taking yourself oh-so bloody seriously is never a good idea. As for us – and we consider ourselves hardcore sci-fi fans-, we’re equally devoted to Star Wars and Star Trek, no matter how strange that sounds. Star Trex Trexels is the undisputed number one Star Trek game for iPhone, packing a plethora of authentic Star Trek features capable of blowing any Trekkie away. According to Star Trek Trexels’ story, the USS Valiant has been destroyed by an unidentified hostile in a perilous area referred to as the Trexalian Expanse. You mission is to build a ship, assemble your crew, and traverse through deep space to explore faraway galaxies and to investigate the fate of the Valiant. Star Trek Trexels features iconic characters and technology, narration by the one and only George Takei, spectacular vintage graphics, the original score from the classic Star Trek series, exciting space battles and missions, and heaps of customization options for your very own USS starship.

Star Warfare: Alien Invasion


Bring on the pew-pews! Star Warfare: Alien Invasion is a fast-paced alien-butchering space shooter equipped with three game modes: single player campaign, coop, and PvP. The single player mode features 48 levels (which are also accessible in the multiplayer campaign), which is quite impressive, but Star Warfare: Alien Invasion’s strongest feat is without an iota of doubt the co-op mode. You can team up with up to 3 pals to face off against merciless and gigantic boss monsters, fight for survival in survival mode, and equip yourself and fellow space fighters with goodies designed specifically for team-based battles. The game has an unbelievably rich and flexible gear system made up of 42 weapons (each upgradable 8 times), 18 suits, and 24 military bags. Moreover, Star Warfare: Alien Invasion allows weapon mixing-and-matching, with which you can unleash uber-powerful attacks on extraterrestrial hostiles.

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Warhammer 40,000: Deathwatch – Tyranid Invasion


No iPhone space game compilation can go by without at least one Warhammer 40,000 game being mentioned, and this compilation right here will not be an exception to the aforementioned rule. In Warhammer 40,000 Deathwatch – Tyranid Invasion, a turn-based battle strategy game, you embark on a dangerous journey that takes you across the galaxy to put an end to the invasion of the Tyranids and defeat these gruesome beasts in 40 missions set in a variety of locations from war-ravaged cities to Tyranid bio-ships. Collect all 38 Deathwatch Space Marines to assemble the most deadly Kill Team the Tyranids have ever seen, customize your Marines with more than 150 weapons and miscellaneous gear, and amass experience points to upgrade your Marines and unlock unique skills and abilities.

Galaxy on Fire 2 HD


Although the third installment of the GoF-saga has just been released, the trilogy’s masterpiece is undoubtedly the second part, which is why we’ve chosen Galaxy on Fire 2 HD instead of Galaxy on Fire 3 – Manticore. Galaxy on Fire 2 HD is a spacetastic blend of multiple game genres: it is, first and foremost, a space shooter, but also requires shrewd trading tactics and contains a starship-load of classic role playing game features and plenty of adventure game elements. The protagonist is Keith T. Maxwell, the temperamental space war veteran, whose – and thus your – mission is to save the galaxy from raiding aliens, merciless space pirates, and power-mongering tyrants. The game is set in an enormous galaxy made up of more than 20 star systems and over 100 planets and space stations and dozens of spaceships you can customize with hundreds of weapon systems, power-ups, and commodities, so it’s safe to say that Galaxy on Fire 2 HD will keep all of you sci-fi-loving space explorers occupied and entertained for a while.

Out There: Ω Edition


Just what the space doctor ordered: a grim interstellar adventure starring a solitary astronaut forced to survive on his own in the vast, hostile void that is deep space.  In Out There: Ω Edition, you’re awaken from cryonic suspension, finding yourself all alone somewhere in a remote solar system, million miles away from home. Since space is a hostile place, you’ll have to fight hard for survival, refilling your oxygen supply on garden planets and repairing your ship with whatever pieces you can gather. During your melancholic voyage through the pitch black emptiness, you’ll come across painfully neutral, intelligent alien life forms (though you can still engage with them and even learn their language), and will – bad news ahead! – have to deal with mighty ancient powers controlling both your destiny and the fate of mankind. Out There: Ω Edition features beautiful pulp comics-style graphics, 10 completely different spaceships with unique specs, a complex crafting system with a wide range of strange alien technologies, and exactly zero combat, as the going up against the environment is already hard enough in itself. Thanks to more than 350 multiple choice situations, a deep main storyline with 4 possible endings, and a procedurally-generated galaxy every time you start a new game, Out There: Ω Edition boasts a replay value that’s way out there.

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Alien vs. Predator: Evolution


An oldie-but-goodie AVP bloodbath with eye-popping, remastered graphics, high-detail, chilling environments, and of course the most terrifying killing machines in the galaxy salivating at the thought of ripping each other’s heads off (while also eviscerating a few dozen human beings in the process). As it always is in AVP games, you can play as either a Predator or as an Alien. If you opt for the former, your objective will be to kill all Super Predators and free your species from enslavement, while in the Predator campaign, you will set out on a spine-ripping, blood-spilling, Alien- and human-decapitating mission to shred the Alien Queen to acid-spattering pieces to avoid the Super Predators to wipe out your Jungle Hunter clan.

Call of Mini: Infinity


In this space-bound installment of the multifarious Call of Mini-series, the Earth is about to be destroyed by an imminent meteorite impact. You play as the leader of a massive colonizing army about to set off for Caron, an inhabitable star discovered by humanity some 35 years ago. As an army commander, your objective is to take your soldiers unharmed to Caron, once you’ve landed, set up a fortified base and prepare for alien attacks, and, last not least, conquer the planet. Call of Mini: Infinity features adrenaline-boosting battles, an entire arsenal of alien-slashing weapons, upgradable armors, and talents to learn with which you can customize your fighting style. Moreover, just like in Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes, you can create your own guild with a couple of friends and ride into battle against powerful boss monsters.

Star Command


In many ways and to a certain extent, Star Command resembles Star Trek Trexels, as you have to build and manage a starship along with its crew, although there are a handful of visible differences between the two games. Speaking of visible, Star Command has wonderfully vintage HD pixelated graphics that old school gamers will certainly appreciate. As for the actual gameplay, once you’re done building and customizing your ship, you’ll embark on a journey leading you and your crew into the dark depths of space where you’ll have to defend your ship from alien invaders, manage various ship roles (engineering, science, tactical combat), care after your crew so that they’ll level up and thus will earn new, highly useful skills, and do your best to avoid confrontations with the strange and often irritating civilizations you’ll come across during your traverse through the unknown.

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