The Best Shooting Games and First Person Shooter Games All Virtual Gunslingers Must Have on their iPhone

Dec 29, 2016

When shooting games and first person shooter games appeared on the scene at the dawn of computer games, they ushered in a new era of gaming and created a genre that will never go out of style and will always be able to renew itself. Shooting games and first person shooters are now available for all gaming platforms and accordingly boast a colorful palette of storylines, enemies, weapons, game modes, and come from all sorts of sub-genres. Indulging in healthy doses of virtual shootouts provide a perfect way to let off some steam, take on your friends in team challenges, and allow you to become a hero who saves humanity and thousands innocent lives from terrestrial and extraterrestrial hostiles, and whose name will thus echo in eternity forevermore. The shooting games and first person shooter games introduced in our compilation are some of the best you can get for your iPhone, bringing you loads of gun-them-down fun and some heavy artillery.

Modern Combat 5: Blackout

Selected as the App Store’s Best of 2014 in 28 countries, Modern Combat 5: Blackout is shooting game royalty. The solo campaign takes you on a bullet-laden journey around the globe, dropping you straight into the heart of intense battles during which you have to give it your all to make it out alive, and in the process defeat an evil lunatic who has pushed the world to the brink of absolute chaos. The story mode poses an army of adrenaline-rushing challenges, while the brand new Spec-Ops mission pack takes it up a notch and gives you a taste of what it feels like to ride into battle as an elite soldier. The best games always include customization features, and Modern Combat 5: Blackout is not an exception to this rule, as you can select from 7 customizable character classes according to your preferences. Each character class has its own set of skills you can gradually activate as you progress along in the game and as you gain more and more XP points by playing the single player mode and multiplayer matches. Moreover, you can select which upgradable tactical suit you want to equip and add a personal touch and more firepower to your weapons with a variety of trinkets and attachments. The ever-important multiplayer mode has Squad vs. Squad matches, limited-time events with awesome rewards, and also a Spectator mode if you’d prefer killing time by watching other players battle it out. Eye-popping graphics, goosebumps-inducing sound effects, and intense gameplay make Modern Combat 5: Black Out one of the best iPhone first person shooters ever created.

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Dead Trigger 2

There’s no best shooting games compilation without at least one zombie-killing shooters paradise, and Dead Trigger 2 is the ultimate first person undead-slasher for iPhone, meaning we’d better take a closer look at it. In Dead Trigger 2, you’ll travel across 10 regions located in different parts of the zombie-invaded world, butchering brain-gobbling monstrosities coming in all shapes and sizes (and with varying degrees of toughness) using an arsenal of 38 weapons, including curious killing devices such as a boat motor and chickens sporting mounted machine guns. Dead Trigger 2 has a unique and innovative game mode featuring real-time story development in which you join the Global Resistance, and as you take out the undead with fellow freedom fighters, the story unfolds according to what each player does. Controls are customizable, and talking of customization, you can decorate your hideout – where you can also meet helpful characters such as the Gunsmith, the Medic, or the Engineer – with zombie head trophies, and even get a pet zombie in a cage.

Major Mayhem

The game designers at Adult Swim grabbed a handful of cute graphics, a spoonful of humor, and a dash of merciless killing, then put the whole thing into the blender, and what came out was Major Mayhem, a lovably brutal shooting game in which you play as – yup, you guessed that right – Major Mayhem. Your objective is simply and bloody: you have to kill your way through beautifully detailed 3D environments to save your kidnapped girlfriend from the Forces of Evil, and in the process, save the Free World. Major Mayhem in numbers: 45 action-packed levels, 4 game modes, 150 mission objectives, 20 weapons, and 42 costumes to chic up the Major’s exterior.

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Although EPOCH.2 came out in 2013, and hasn’t been updated since September 2014, it still remains one of the best shooting games you can have on your iPhone, and the undisputed number one in the sci-fi shoot’-em-up genre, both of which are true testaments to its near-flawless greatness. The story is set in a post-apocalyptic world ravaged by the war of robots, with the protagonist being EPOCH, a robot himself. EPOCH’s objective is to find and protect Princess Amelia – who might be the key to humanity’s survival – amidst the omnipresent chaos while overcoming the obstacles set in his way by the Alphetekk and the Omegatroniks, the two warring robot armies who have set the world on fire. As you make your way across post-apocalyptic landscapes, you can scavenge precious items from the ruins to upgrade EPOCH, and loads of weapon and item upgrades to expand your character’s set of abilities are also at your disposal. Arena-style boss combats, breathtaking graphics, engaging gameplay, an exciting storyline, action-packed robot battles, and intuitive controls ensure that EPOCH.2 will stand the test of time for many years to come.

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