The Best Safari Alternative Browser Apps for iPhone

Mar 19, 2017

Although Safari, the default web browser preinstalled on Apple devices, integrates beautifully with iOS in all conceivable ways, you might want to take roads less traveled and experiment with miscellaneous browsers to see their unique advantages and disadvantages. Even if you’re wholeheartedly devoted to Safari and you’re hundred percent sure you’ll never use any other browser for an extended period of time, giving the apps introduced in our compilation a chance and a try is seldom a bad idea.

Dolphin Web Browser – Fast Private Internet Search

dolphinDolphin boasts a design as elegant as a pod of dolphins jumping out of the ocean in perfect harmony, though the content is even more spectacular than the form. Dolphin’s features include one-tap sharing, tabbed – and what’s more important, completely private and trace-free – browsing, all-around synchronization, unique gesture-based browsing allowing you to go straight to your favorite websites via a couple of swipes by setting up custom symbols for each often-visited page (for example a “Warriors blew a 3-1 lead” symbol for, Speed Dial for one-touch website visiting on the go, themes for customizing Dolphin’s user interface, and guaranteed crash-free browsing.

Dolphin Browser

Download from Google Play ( or App Store ( Let Dolphin do all the work so you don’t have to. Say it like it is. Just tell Dolphin what you want. Say ‘eBay Nike Shoes’, Dolphin takes you right to eBay and displays all the ‘Nike Shoes’ results.

Chrome – Web Browser by Google


Google’s browser needs no introduction, but in case you feel like it does, we would, first and foremost, like to welcome you to Planet Earth. Which part of the universe have you come from? Concerning what Chrome brings to the web browser table: faster and more convenient browsing, voice search, enhanced privacy thanks to Incognito Mode, unlimited tabs, an integrated website translating module (the monstrosity known as Google Translate, committing heinous linguistic crimes since 2006), and cross-device syncing. Google Chrome holds no surprises, and we’re not entirely sure we’d choose it over either Safari or Dolphin.

Opera Mini Web Browser

operaminiOpera Mini specializes in keeping your mobile data usage while browsing the Interwebs as low as possible. To reach the aforementioned goal, Opera employs its built-in ad blocker and crunches down the size of the websites you visit like Wolverine crunches bones with his iron adamantium grip. Besides reducing mobile data usage by as much as 90%, Opera Mini keeps your eyes and your sleep cycle safe with a smart night mode tailor-made for bedtime browsing, allows unlimited tabs, and ensures private browsing with incognito mode.


Firefox Focus: The Privacy Browser

firefoxfocusBrought to you by Mozilla, Firefox Focus is like a vigilant online bodyguard doing everything in its powers to constantly keep you out of harm’s way. In accordance with Mozilla’s user-first attitude, Firefox Focus secures a level of privacy that no other browser app can by automatically blocking a wide range of common online trackers from the very first to the very last moment of browsing. Moreover, deleting browser history, passwords, and cookies in Focus is as easy finding someone who loves pizza, which ensures that you’ll leave no online traces behind that malicious third parties could sniff out and that might result in you being bombarded by absolutely unwanted ads.


Ghostery Privacy Browser


Become as invisible as a reclusive ghost with this lightweight, sleekly designed browser app giving you all the tools and information you need to make carefully-thought-out decisions regarding the personal data you share with trackers. When you visit a website, Ghostery immediately delivers an overview of the trackers on the given site, allowing you to handpick the ones you’ll block and the ones you’ll allow. Since Ghostery boasts the largest tracker identifying database containing more than 2,200 trackers and 4,500 scripts, you can be sure that no trespassing tracker or snoopy script can evade the app’s watchful eyes. To put the ectoplasm icing on the Ghostery cake and further enhance an already near-flawless user experience, one-click disconnect and one-click cache and cookies clearing are also right at your fingertips.

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