The Best Personal Finance and Budget Apps You Must Have on your iPhone to Keep Track of your Spending Patterns

Dec 2, 2016

Regardless of the extent of your income, keeping track of what you are spending your hard-earned money on is a prerequisite of becoming a responsible adult and a conscious consumer less prone to making impulse purchases almost guaranteed to lead to buyer’s remorse. Once you become more mindful of your spending habits, you’ll be able to cut back on unnecessary purchases and save up more money to establish financial stability you can fall back on in tough times or devote your funds to noble pursuits with real value such as travelling. To assist you in keeping track of your spending patterns, we have collected the best personal finance and budget apps the App Store has to offer.

Mint: Money Manager, Budget and Personal Finance

Mint does everything in its powers to help you save more – including offering its services for exactly 0 dollars. All you have to do is sign up, and you’ll be ready to go! Mint is an all-in-one personal finance app that allows you to track a wide range of financial accounts – including bank accounts, credit cards, and investments – and see your spending patterns displayed on a variety of charts, which is a highly effective method of raising your financial awareness. Mint offers expert advice on budgeting and lets you set up financial goals so that you’ll have some extra motivation to save up for that holiday you’ve been dreaming of for years. Since financial accounts are very much involved, it should come as no surprise that Mint’s developers paid extra attention to safety and security, and protect your data with 128-bit encryption, meaning that your sensitive data are in good hands.

Goodbudget Budget Planner: Money and Expense Tracker

Goodbudget is another useful personal finance and budget-tracking app that you can sync across multiple devices, making it a perfect choice for couples sharing the same budget. Goodbudget assists you in becoming more conscious of your spending habits with detailed reports, pie charts, and a so-called envelope system, which lets you set up different envelopes (categories) with specific budgets, and constantly keep track of how much money you have left in each envelope (i.e. how much more can you spend on, for example, clothes or groceries during a given period of time). Goodbudget is the perfect iOS companion on the road of learning to live within your means and avoid overspending and impulse purchases.

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Spending Tracker

It’s all in the name! Spending Tracker is a user-friendly, easy-to-use personal finance app that helps you track your spending patterns. Spending Tracker features flexible time periods, allowing you to choose from a weekly, monthly, or yearly option of tracking your spending, lets you set up a fixed budget so that you’ll live within your means, logs expenses and incomes based on categories you’ve set up, and brings you visualized reports with interactive charts to get a better understanding of your spending habits.

Daily Budget Original – Saving Is Fun!

Minimal design, maximum performance. Daily Budget Original is the cleanest personal finance app you’ll ever see, and, based on an abundance of five-star reviews, we have a hard time imagining you having anything but a flawless and memorable user experience. The concept of Daily Budget Original is as simple as its design: based on your income and fixed costs, the app calculates your daily budget. Based on how much you spend on a given day, your budget can grow or shrink for the next day, and in case you set up a bigger goal you’re saving up for, a certain amount will be deducted from your budget each day. Daily Budget Original makes personal finance easy and fun, which is all you can ask from a budget app. Highly recommended.

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