The best note-taking apps

Jul 10, 2010

While the iPhone might not be the ideal place to take notes, it’s something that we always have on us. So when a laptop or notebook isn’t accessible, turn to one of these apps.


Instead of fumbling around with the iPhone’s keyboard, try writing on the screen instead. It offers different pen sizes and colors and you can email your notes to yourself.


all-in Notes

Attach photos and voice recordings to notes. Color code them for easier filtering. Supports landscape, which makes typing easier in my opinion! You can also send these notes to your email.


Note Taker

With Note Taker you can write on your iPhone’s screen with your finger and the app will turn that into a note. It’s great for doodlers too!



Simplenote allows you to enter notes from a desktop and have them show up on your phone. You can also lock the app so it always appears in landscape mode. Wonderful!


SmartNotes Free

With Smart Notes you can create folders or projects to store notes in. An organizers dream!


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