The Best Math Games All Math Wizards Must Have on their iPhone

Nov 28, 2016

Some say that math is the language of the universe from which the very fabric of our reality was sewn and which should be comprehensible for sentient beings visiting us from other planets. It is not up to us to decide whether any of these statements are true, but what we do know is that math is the most crucial building block of a variety of careers and also an essential part of everyone’s studies, meaning you have to make peace with it for better or for worse. Understanding math is child’s play to some and is a constant struggle for others, but even if you’re a natural-born math wizard, excellence will not come without putting in the effort – as they say, practice makes perfect. With the math games we are about to introduce, you can keep your math knowledge in top form and train your brain for more complex mathematical challenges.

King of Math

Becoming the King of Math might sound geeky to some, but one who wears the crown of the Realm of Number is sure to get the last laugh each and every time. King of Math gives you all the tools you need to reach the throne in the form of a fast-paced game in which you start out as an everyday farmer and begin your ascension to the throne by solving a wide range of math problems. King of Math has ten levels – with each level boasting a distinctive character design -, and the game’s free version provides access to three groups of basic math problems (Addition, Subtraction, Mixed 1). For the other, more complex tasks, you’ll have to make a one-time in-app purchase of $2.99, which is, to say the least, a fair price to pay for becoming the King of Math.

Mathemagics – Mental Math Tricks

In case being the King of Math does not satisfy your math aspirations, make use of the magical powers of Mathemagics to become a math wizard! Mathemagics teaches you the trick of multiplying, dividing, and squaring at the speed of a supercomputer using nothing but your sharp-as-a-machete grey matter that cuts through any math problem with ease! Mathemagics gives you plenty of options to practice and fine-tune your skills with tasks of varying difficulties from beginner to pro. To start out with your math wizard training, all you need is a handful of basic math skills: addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. Mathemagics not only teaches you a Jedi math trick that is sure to leave those witnessing your wizardry bemused and colored impressed, but also trains your mind like few other math games can.

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Math Racer 3.0 – Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division Tables Speed Game

Solving math problems is one thing, but solving them as fast as possible is an entirely different plane of existence in the Realm of Mathematics. In Math Racer 3.0, you can put your math knowledge and speed-of-mind to test with seven mind-boggling games, each containing four levels to ensure the ever-important variety and to bombard you with a colorful assortment of math problems. Thanks to Math Racer 3.0’s as-simple-as-it-gets interface, you can devote all of your attention and brain power to performing at the top of your math game.

Math Drills

Barebones in terms of bells and whistles, Math Drills focuses on practices related to addition, subtraction, division, and multiplication. The app is customizable and challenges students to work on problems until they arrive at correct solutions. Math Drills keeps tabs on the progress of up to 50 students, which helps teachers determine which need more one-to-one instruction. While other apps rely on gimmicks or gamification, and Math Drills does not include distracting features. It makes for a solid supplement to a math teacher’s lesson plan.

Quick Math+

Quick Math+ offers similar order of operations problems in four games, but adds negative numbers and indices. The developer’s ambition  is to improve student fluency in arithmetic, estimation skills, memory, and more. Students can ‘write’ on the iPad or iPhone screen with their finger or a stylus and the app tracks progress for parents and teachers. Quick Math+ is worth downloading because it flips the script a bit when it comes to math drill games, as students are rewarded for more than just finding the answer. They need to know each operation, inside and out.

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