The Best IQ Testing Apps and IQ Boosting Apps You Must Have on your iPhone

Jan 16, 2017

Although intelligence has many aspects to it, including ones that cannot be measured with any method, the most sought-after and widespread procedure of quantifying one’s mental capabilities is still old-fashioned IQ testing. To get the most reliable, accurate, and internationally accepted results regarding your IQ, your intelligence level should be tested by licensed professionals employing validated testing methods, but it’s always great fun and games to do some testing on your own or train your brain by completing tasks similar to the intellectual challenges comprising conventional IQ tests. To contribute to your IQ-measuring and IQ-boosting goals, we’ve collected the best IQ testing and IQ boosting iPhone apps the App Store has to offer.

IQ Test Pro Edition

IQ Test Pro Edition lives up to its name and then some, as it is an IQ testing tool on-par with internationally accepted, standardized IQ testing methods put together with meticulous attention to detail by scientists and professionals.  IQ Test Pro Edition costs $2.99, and features 2 tests. The first test consists of 39 IQ-measuring tasks, while the second one – coined as a European-type IQ test – is made up of 33 intellectual challenges sure to put your brain to the test. IQ Test Pro Edition boasts hundreds of five-star ratings and just as many complimentary reviews, praising the app’s accuracy and all-around quality.

Mensa Brain Training

Brought to you by none other than the society of evil masterminds conspiring to achieve world domination the world’s most well-known high IQ society, Mensa Brain Training app aspires to enhance your fluid intelligence – said to be fundamental human ability to learn, reason, and detect patterns – by training and testing 5 major areas of your brain. The aforementioned areas are concentration, agility, memory, perception, and reasoning. With Mensa Brain Training, you can assemble your personalized brain-training program, cherry-picking from a wide range of creative and challenging puzzles and tasks. Mensa Brain Training is equally ideal for preparing for IQ tests and for keeping your brain and top shape, and also for seeing how your MBI (Mensa Brain Index) for each discipline stacks up to the global average (the latter feature via subscription starting at $3.99 per quarter).

IQ Test Free – Memory Brain Trainer. IQ Scanner, Reader & Navigator

Before taking a closer look at the features that IQ Test Free brings to the IQ-measuring table, let’s address the elephant in the room, as IQ Test Free is not free (meaning you cannot complete an unlimited amount of tests and won’t get access to a couple of features without spending a few bucks), offering three in-app purchase options: testing packages of 10 and 100 (for $2.99 and $6.99, respectively), and an unlimited tasting package for the restless minded for $9.99. It’s not a great start, to say the least, but IQ Test Free comes equipped with several powerful IQ-boosting and IQ-testing tools, so we’ll let just let it slide and move over to detailing its many features. With IQ Test Free, you can get a rough estimation of your IQ level with a measure ranging from 50 to 160, find out your approximate intellectual age, see which celebrity’s intelligence quotient is closest to yours, analyze and review your solutions with the answer key’s detailed explanations, and manage a database of test results in case you’re using it in a professional setting.

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