The best iPhone apps for antique collectors

Jun 28, 2016

Collecting antiques is a way of life. Slowing down and appreciating the past, these are things that I believe. Instead of throwing away hundred years old items it can be realized that they are better than those that manufactured these days. These antique items have personality, they were made with love. And now you can use for your brand new iPhone to travel back in time.

Antiques Collector+ ($4.99)

This gorgeous app can be used for tracking and managing large collections. Your catalog can be personalized, exported to pdf and can be searched and filtered in many ways.


Antiques 101 ($2.99)

This app is a simple guide for beginners with tutorial videos, glossary and know hows to start collecting antiques.


Gemr (Free)

Gemr is a social network for the collecting community. It can be used for buying or selling collectibles and sharing opinions and ideas with other collectors. The app can be also used for organizing items into collections or building virtual clubs around the same interests.


Invaluable (Free)

The app is designed for participating on live auctions around the World. Although the app sometimes lose connection that is a source of frustration, there is a big brand behind and one can bid with confidence.


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