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The Best iPhone Apps for Anatomy Students

Apr 16, 2010

Whether you’re just getting started or well into your curriculum, these iPhone apps will be an essential tool to any Anatomy buff.


Developed by researchers at the University of Utah, the AnatomyLab app is a virtual dissection of a human body. It includes images of real human cadavers and is aimed at medical and anatomy students. You’re able to move between 40 separate body layers, zoom into different structures and rotate them to get different views. The one complaint I have is that it would be nice to keep the face of the cadaver covered, as they do in most classes. There is also a cheaper, scaled down version called “My Body,” which is a bit more appropriate for the curious amateur. It’s $1.99.

Anatomy for Artists: Proportions

This anatomical reference guide is designed specifically for artists. It includes hand-drawn diagrams reminiscent of Da Vinci’s notebooks. It’s great for painters, illustrators, sculptures as well as anyone with an interest in the human form.

Netter's Anatomy Flash Cards

Netter’s offers 300 easy-to-navigate flash cards. Each image provides detailed information, including an extensive description of that body part. It also pin points components with links to more information. There’s a quiz function for students as well. My one complaint is that cards are organized by body region and not the systems. Oh, and it costs $39.99. Well worth it if you’re studying Anatomy though!

Netter's Advanced Head and Neck Flash Cards

This version of Netter’s includes 250 flash cards for the head and neck alone. It puts emphasis on common diseases and disorders of this region. The color coding is wonderful and it’s really easy and quick to locate specific structures. This app is also $39.99.

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Clemente's Anatomy Flash Cards

Clemente’s flash cards are much more focused on the lymphatic system, bones and muscles. There are some great diagrams for the brachial plexus and spinal roots. It includes some x-rays, but lacks a “back of card” feature for more information on the illustration. This app is $24.99.

Moore's Clinical Anatomy Flash Cards

Moore’s flash cards have really great cranial nerve, head and neck detail. There’s “back of card” information and really good illustrations for the organs. However, there are no x-ray images and the illustrations are in pastels, which I find odd. This app is $24.99.

Rohen's Photographic Anatomy Flash Cards

I love these! Rohen’s flash cards are from actual cadavers. They have really great brain/cranium/face examples and includes x-rays, angiogram, CT and MRI images. Zooming provides a surprising amount of detail, but it lacks “back of card” information. This app is $24.99.

Anatomy & Physiology REVEALED®: All Systems

Available for iPad, A&P REVEALED enables users to practice on a virtual cadaver, blending real cadaver photos with layering techniques to reveal more than 5,000 anatomical structures. Although that’s a pretty steep price tag for an app, it’s without a doubt the best anatomy app I’ve ever used (and as a former Kinesiology major, I’ve seen my fair share).

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