The Best How-To Apps

Apr 23, 2011

There are a ridiculous amount of how-to apps and for a very wide variety of subjects, these are some amazingly helpful ones that I have found.

How to Tie a Tie – The Number One App for Tying Ties and Мore!

Watching videos on youtube takes way too long and I always feel weird asking other guys to help me so this App is a life saver whenever I’m rushing to put a tie on, which always seems to be the case.


How To – Poker

This App gives you detailed guidance on how to play poker, 5 card stud, texas hold’em and over 30 more different card games. It’s never to late to learn an awesome card game and share it with some friends


How to Draw – step by step Drawing Lessons and Coloring pages

I used to draw so much that it became subconscious and I could create a little cartoon character without even thinking about it. recently I’d wanted to get back into drawing but I never acted on that so when I found this App and I decided to and it has been a real success


How to Say Hello in Different Languages

I’ve always wanted to learn how to say hello in tons of different, random languages and now I can! And so can you.


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