The Best Fishing Apps All Anglers Must Have on their iPhone

Feb 21, 2017

For a select and fortunate few, angling is much more than a relaxing pastime activity: it is a way of life and something that can catapult the best of the best to worldwide fame thanks to an abundance of fishing shows broadcast all over the globe on cable channels. For others, fishing is a strenuous job, a way of earning the daily bread – though an often dangerous one at that. For those living along the great rivers of the world, fishing is often an instrument of survival that literally puts food on the table every single day. But for the majority of the planet’s population, fishing (the artist also known as angling) provides a temporary escape from reality, a serene haven, so to say, where you can marvel at Mother Nature’s beauty, have a couple of beers with your friends and family, pitch a tent, set a campfire, and – in case it’s allowed – cook the fish you’ve caught. To assist you in finding the best fishing spots around, in broadening your angling knowledge, and in perfecting your angling skills, we’ve collected the best fishing apps for iPhone.

Fishing Reports and Spots by FishingCrew Angling Community


Fishing Reports and Spots, powered by the FishingCrew Angling Community, boast more than 100,000 users and over 200,000 reliable and detailed fishing reports. By downloading the app and joining this ever-growing community of enthusiastic anglers, you’ll get access to, and will be able to share, the biggest catches, the best fishing locations, and the current conditions at each location. You can also get priceless fishing advice to fine-tune your techniques and to take your bait game to the next level. In case you’re angling for more, upgrade to a gold membership ($4.99 per month, $2.99 for a week, and $24.99 for six months) with which you can check out shared catch locations to get info on the hottest angling spots, send messages to other anglers, and create your own highlight real to show off your most memorable catches.

Fishbrain – Social Fishing Forecast App


Advertised as the best fishing app the any carbon-based lifeform has ever seen, Fishbrain boasts more than 1.5 million recorded catches and over 1.7 million angling locations from all over the globe. Fishbrain broadens your fishing knowledge with plenty of fishing intel, including spots where the fish are biting and the types of baits you should use. You can track your catches, and consequently keep track of your progress, and connect with fellow anglers. The app also provides access to an immensely accurate, data-driven Fishing Forecast so that you’ll always know where the most abundant angling spots are. To unlock the latter – and other members-only features such as a database of the most effective baits and access to all shared catch positions -, you’ll have to shell out $5.99 per month or $59.99 per annum for Fishbrain Premium, which we’re sure you’ll gladly do if you’re serious about this whole angling thing.

Fish Rules


American anglers, rejoice! Whoops, meant to say open a beer – or do whatever you do when you hear great news, because Fish Rules is the best angling-related news you’ve heard in a while! Fish Rules brings you up-to-date saltwater fishing regulations for state and federal waters from Maine to Texas in a simplified, easy-to-comprehend format so that all the information you need to avoid breaking the law will be right at your fingertips. Fish Rules pinpoints your exact location using your iPhone’s GPS to enlighten you on location-specific regulations, and this awesome feature functions without skipping a beat even if you go off the grid and the signal on your phone goes AWOL, as you can manually enter your latitude/longitude coordinates or select the spot where you’re about to go ham on the fish. Thanks to beautifully detailed illustrations, photos, and identification clues, identifying your catch is as easy as lying to a goldfish, ensuring that you’ll leave regulated species be and unharmed in their natural habitat – unless you want the long arm of the law to grab you by the scruff of your neck. To top it all off, you can maintain your fishing license data within Fish Rules, which helps you avoid unpleasant run-ins with local authorities in case you leave your license at home.

Orvis Fly Fishing


Fly fishing is one of the most relaxing sports for someone to enjoy. Whether it’s out with a friend or fishing alone, no one can deny it’s pull. But along with the enjoyable times also comes a lot of learning and practice. Casting in itself is a science and once you have that down, there is still plenty to learn. Orvis has  a Fly Fishing app for the iPhone that will hopefully serve as a tutorial or refresher on the basics all the way up to the more advanced knot tying techniques. The app is really put together well and has a ton of very useful information to learn. Both expert and beginner fisherman can learn from this app and it is nice to have all the quick tips available right on the phone. It has a ton of excellent content and might help you learn a thing or two.

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