The Best Financial Apps of 2010 for iPad

Dec 30, 2010

These are my favorites of all the financial-related iPad apps that I reviewed in 2010 on Appolicious

Expensify for iPad

“Expensify is a really handy app to keep track of your expenses while traveling. You can import your credit card’s purchase history or enter just cash-based expenses depending on your comfortability with providing your CC info. Go online and set up more categories plus get more reporting features.

Expensify says that it supports 95% of U.S. banks and that you can get IRS ready eReceipts for expenses under $75, which is a great feature for small business owners looking to get better organized by the time that tax time arrives.

Nice ability to create great looking expense reports on the fly and then email them to any email address. Online sign in for reimbursement features. You can also take photos of your receipts and upload them to your Expensify account.

I happen to use a corporate form and process in Office, so I really can’t integrate Expensify into my work, but I can see where Expensify can save hors for businesses that have not standardized on an expense tracking program or process.”


iBuy Home

“iBuy Home has a wel thought out interface and is chocked full of information for home buyers. Mortgage calculator, house finder, and much, much more. It’s a really comprehensive app for a very important purchase.”


Mortgage Rates, Credit Card Rates and Mortgage Calculator for iPad

“Erate is a great combination rate calculator, affordability calculator and rate finder all rolled into one. Does miss a few lenders though, mostly includes the majors. But nice house search feature integrated after calculating rates and affordability.”

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StockWatch Lite – iPad Edition

“The lite version of StockWatch is very limited, but the full version is very robust and a favorite by many. So as they say, this is a real “try before you buy” version, but very limited.”


Real Estate by Zillow – Search Homes for Sale or Apartments for Rent

“Used to love Zillow but their home pricing trend data tends to overprice housing values based on real market dynamics. I learned this when I looked at putting my house on the market. They were at least 10% or more higher than most realtor recommendations.

The app is pretty basic compared to their Web app but I’m more concerned about their data and Analytics. Lots of stuff is wrong or just plain missing.

Their house location icons are also consistently “off” on the map meaning I’m always looking at my neighbor’s house while reading the stats on mine. This doesn’t change in other areas of the country either when I look at friends and family houses either.” – upgraded score based on app updates throughout the year


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