The Best Festival Apps All Party Animals Must Have on Their iPhone

Oct 30, 2016

Festival season is usually a summertime thing, but it’s always summer somewhere, which means there are festivals year-round worldwide. Most festivals pose the same challenges for people looking to have a good time: where to set up your tent, then actually finding your tent, ensuring the proper daily water intake to avoid dehydration (and hangovers making you feel like as if a death metal band was crushing their biggest hit right inside your skull), finding your friends, identifying that awesome track you’ve just heard, and extending the battery life of your iPhone. With the apps we’re about to introduce, you can easily ace all items on your festival checklist.

Tent Finder by Swipe and Tap

Finding the perfect location for your temporary home can be a daunting challenge. If you’re not a highly-trained and outstandingly experienced festival veteran that could be the author of “How to Avoid Flocks of Drunks and Permeating Clouds of Urine Odor – Setting Up a Tent at a Festival for Dummies”, make sure you ask for relevant advice from friends who have camped at the festival you’re about to attend and know all the sweet tenting spots. When you’ve finally found The Spot, all that’s left is ensuring that you find your way back to it – we all know how crazy things can get at festivals, right? With Swipe and Tap’s Tent Finder (available for $0.99), you can just save your tent’s location, and you’re all set! Thanks to the “Get Directions” feature, you won’t get lost even on the most hardcore nights.

Daily Water Free – Water Reminder and Counter

Normally, when attending a festival, ensuring the optimal daily water intake is the last thing that’s on your mind. Only losers drink water while partying, right? WRONG, in all caps. Water is essential to your health, which is especially true when it’s scorching hot and you’re drinking more beers than a factory worker from a Bruce Springsteen song after getting off from work. To ensure the required daily water intake, get a hold of Daily Water Free, with which you can plan your drinking schedule and set reminders by selecting one from the 10 alert sounds available for free.

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Battery Doctor – Master of Batter Maintenance

At most festivals, phone charging options are usually scarce, and the ones that are do available tend to be moderately user-friendly. And who wants to devote significant time and energy to phone charging at a festival, anyway? Sooner or later, you’ll be forced to do it, but to extend your phone’s battery life as much as possible and waste the least amount of time waiting around at one of those charging stations, we suggest using Battery Doctor. Battery Doctor is a free app boasting 50 million users worldwide, so you probably can’t go wrong with it. Battery Doctor provides priceless tips for battery maintenance, estimates how much time your battery has left, and provides real-time power consumption rankings so that you’ll know which apps and features are eating away at your battery life.


Have you ever heard partied hard to a song then couldn’t, for the life of you, find it again on any platform of website? If you haven’t, you must be one of the 100 million people using Shazam. If you have, it’s high time you found a solution and downloaded Shazam. Shazam identifies any song you hear in a matter of seconds, and immediately offers you the chance to get that track off of iTunes. The only downside of Shazam is that it’s a real battery killer, but we suppose that you’re not planning to use it 24/7 while at the festival.

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Find My Friends

Due to the chaotic nature of festivals, you and your friends are bound to split up every now and then. Still, there’s a reason why you’ve decided to attend the festival together, so sooner or later, you’ll want to get the band back together again. With Find My Friends, locating each other is a breeze. Just tell your buddies to install the app on their iPhones, send them invites, and you can immediately start tracking each other’s movements. When there’s no need to locate each other, just hide your location or simply turn off your phone’s location services, it will save you precious battery life.

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