The Best Exercise Apps You Must Have on your iPhone to Enhance Your Workouts and Get in Better Shape

Jan 17, 2017

Due to the serious changes in our lifestyle – and especially working habits, working conditions, and working requirements – that occurred during the past few decades, doing some sort of workout on a regular basis has become a must not only for staying in top shape, but also for easing the burden on your joints, muscles, and digestive system brought about by 9 to 5 sitting around. Whether your chosen sport is yoga, soccer, basketball, fitness, or bodybuilding, the key values stay the same: perseverance, commitment, and consistency. To help you avoid the many traps scattered along the path of working out – such as hitting the proverbial wall and not being able to improve, losing motivation, exercise-related hiccups, or a monotonous workout routine-, we have gathered up the best exercise apps you must have on your iPhone if you’re serious about your workouts.

Workout Tracker Gym Log Exercise Tracker by JEFIT

Workout Tracker Gym Log Exercise Tracker deems itself one of the best and most popular exercise apps for iPhone, and has the features, user base, and high ratings to back up that claim. Workout Tracker packs an extensive weight training exercise database containing over 1300 exercises with detailed instructions and animations covering a wide of range weight lifting equipment (such as barbells, kettlebells, and dumbbells) and cardio machines, giving you everything you need to reach your bodybuilding and fitness goals. Workout Tracker also comes equipped with a workout routine planner, with which you can create personalized workout plans based on your goals, including getting a six pack that prime Brad Pitt would be jealous of, losing weight, increasing your strength to Hulk-like levels, or building a body as lean as Bruce Lee’s. As its name suggests, Workout Tracker lets you track your training exercises, allowing you to see the progress you’ve made in yoga, fitness, or strength. Workout Tracker boasts an easy-to-use, user-friendly interface, and knows that there’s serious strength in numbers – meaning it has an active and helpful user base, and lets you share and compare your stats with the community.

Sworkit – Custom Workout for Exercise and Fitness

Sworkit specializes in personalized video workouts, allowing you to set up your very own gym without any equipment wherever you are. Sworkit has been featured and praised in dozens of prestigious magazines, and was rated the best fitness app by a recently publicized study based on the parameters for progression, stretching, and safety set by the ACSM (American College of Sports Medicine). Choose one of Sworkit’s goal-specific workout plans to become leaner, fitter, or stronger, target any area of your body from core to legs, and select the type of workout – cardio, yoga, stretching, and strength, to name just a few – that fits your fitness level and preferences. You’ll easily find the exercises you need even if you have special needs such as a bad ankle or an aching back. Sworkit’s basic features are free, but more advanced options (such as guided workout plans, exclusive pre-built workouts, low-impact exercises targeting beginners and older adults, and the immensely useful ask-a-trainer feature) are only available through a subscription plan starting at $4.99 per month. Sworkit is used by 20 million satisfied sworkers worldwide, so it’s definitely an exercise app that won’t disappoint.

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Fitstar Personal Trainer

Fitstar Personal Trainer, an App Store Editors’ Choice, is an undisputed star among iPhone exercise apps. Fitstar assists you in the often tiresome though tremendously rewarding process of getting and staying in shape by delivering dynamic workout programs that intelligently and continuously adjust to your workout goals, performance, and feedback, giving you a virtual and extremely knowledgeable personal trainer you can carry around in your pocket wherever you go. Fitstar packs a colorful selection of workout routines ranging from 7 to 50 minutes and a comprehensive exercise database with exercises dedicated to different body parts from arms to abs. Moreover, Fitstar tracks your daily activity and recommends exercises based on your daily performance, keeping you on the road leading towards your fitness goals. Talking of tracking, you can connect to Fitstar to multiple devices, weight management apps, and last not least Apple’s integrated Health app, with which you can track the amount of calories you’ve burned and your workout performance to get a more detailed and in-depth look into your statistics. The majority of the features detailed above require a Fitstar Premium subscription that cuts into your budget for $7.99 per month or for $39.99 per annum, which is not a lot, but there are better iPhone exercise app options out there, especially for people with special needs due to injuries or diseases.

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