The Best Dictionary Apps All Language Learners and Wordsmiths Must Have on their iPhone

Dec 7, 2016

It is often said that in today’s day and age, lifelong learning is more important than ever due to the constantly and rapidly changing trends and circumstances, but as it pertains to languages, lifelong learning has always been a basic principle. When you’re learning a language, there is no mountaintop to reach, there is no destination: there is nothing but the journey itself which lasts a lifetime or as long as your persistence and hard work take you. Learning a few new words every single day is sure to take you pretty far and you only have to devote about thirty minutes, maximum an hour, of your day to this outstandingly effective brain-training activity. To make sure that you have the right tools on your iPhone to expand your vocabulary and gradually reach the verbal sophistication of a poet, we’ve gathered up the best dictionary apps you can find on the App Store.


Brought to you by Farlex, the minds behind the ever-popular The Free Dictionary, Dictionary. is a multifaceted, all-in-one dictionary app perfect for students, translators, writers, and copywriters. Dictionary. provides access to dozens of dictionaries including a Medical Dictionary, an English Idioms and Slang Dictionary, an English Offline Thesaurus, and many more, so if you can’t find a word or expression, it probably doesn’t exist. Dictionary. brings you daily content such as Word of the Day and Idiom of the Day to broaden you knowledge. When searching for a word, you’ll get much more than a two-line definition: you’ll get audio pronunciations, example sentences, and etymologies, ensuring that you learn how and when to use the word at hand. Dictionary. also features specialty dictionaries, which will come in especially handy for students studying abroad, translators, and anyone eager to explore a specific topic in greater depth. Speaking of translators, you get access to dictionaries in 13 other languages and the opportunity to translate English into more than 40 languages. To top it all off and to add a dose of fun to the learning process, Dictionary. features popular spelling games such as Hangman and Spelling Bee.

Merriam-Webster Dictionary

Lauded as America’s most respected dictionary, the Merriam-Webster Dictionary app brings you all the advanced features you would expect from such a prestigious brand. These features include Voice Search so you don’t have to fiddle around with the keyboard, and integrated thesaurus with all the synonyms and antonyms you need to express yourself with outstanding sophistication, and a favorite words and search history to keep track of the words you tend to forget or the words that you find the most beautiful. The Merriam-Webster app also boasts learning-enhancing features such as Word of the Day and a selection of vocabulary-building quizzes, making it an ideal tool for language pros and language newbies alike.

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Thesaurus Rex

Brought to you by, Thesaurus Rex is the most up-to-date and comprehensive thesaurus on any platform, featuring 30,000 new entries, including contemporary buzzwords you won’t come across in any other thesaurus, online or offline. Now that we’ve mentioned offline, Thesaurus Rex does work without an internet connection, making it a useful travelling companion. With Thesaurus Rex, you can refine your searches using 4 distinctively different filters to sift through the immense word database of and to find the antonym, synonym, or definition you are looking for. With the Complexity Dial, you can find simple or more difficult synonyms, while the Length feature allows you to shorten or lengthen the synonyms you have found. With a pair of in-app purchases costing $1.99 each, you’ll get access to the Examples & Tips feature which is guaranteed to improve your writing, and the favorite of aspiring poets, the Rhymes & Syllables option, which assists you in rhyming and sorting words by exact syllable count.

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