The best Cooking Aplication for Ipad

Dec 28, 2012

I downloaded so many cooking applications that I don’t even remember how many. I was looking for something more than just cook book. So here it is. My experience for you. My 2 favorites that I would suggest to you.


This is a application that as they say stands for social cooking and as I use it i understand it as a facebook for foodies 😀 It is cool not only because there are social interactions but also you it is touchless and you can use it while cooking. Many great recipe and neat design! Love it


The Eatery

for people who cares what they eat! I love to take photos of my food and waiting for people to rate it. It gives my statistic too so I can work on my menu and see the weekly sum up 😀


Jamie Oliver’s Recipes

I dont think I have to explain 😉



To see what happens when you eat too much cookies 😉


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