The Best Cat Games all Crazy Cat Ladies and Crazy Cat Men must have on their iPhone

Feb 22, 2017

Bow down to the Egyptian gods! Unlike dogs, who were domesticated at the very beginning of, and have been with us since, the dawn of mankind (that means more than 15,000 years in case you were wondering), evidence found by archeologists suggests that cats were only domesticated much later, around 9,500 years ago. Despite a plethora of common traits, the attitudes and behaviors that the two species display couldn’t be any more different, although the impetuous notion that cats are not loyal is nothing but a preconception that has been proven wrong many a times, and we’re quite certain that it wouldn’t get the seal of approval from ninety-nine-point-nine percent of cat owners. Truth be told, cats certainly are independent, tend to be mercurial, and can be aloof, but making broad generalizations is ill-advised, as each cat has a different personality, and the aforementioned traits that some might perceive as undesirable are the very things that make these lovable lap tigers so unique, so exciting, and so much akin to us, human beings. Since cats have made the cyber realm their own kingdom – we’re sure you’ve heard that the internet was invented only so that we can worship cats by creating millions of cat memes and watching all the soul-meltingly cute cat videos we can take -, it should come as no surprise that there’s an amazing assortment of cat-centric iPhone apps. To ensure that all you crazy cat people out there have instant access to the best cat apps the App Store has to offer, we’ve sifted through the soft, soft fur of meowy games to bring you the cream of the crop. Kitty up!

Nyan Cat: Lost in Space


Just keep nyanning! When Nyan Cat went viral, it started an unstoppable global movement of nyanning that has been going strong for a couple of years now, resulting in heaps of nyanny merchandise and of course iPhone apps and iPhone games, with Nyan Cat: Lost in Space being a prime example. Starring the iconic flying supercat, Nyan Cat: Lost in Space is a spacetastic interstellar feline adventure in which you have to triumph over malevolent foes such as angry dogs and UFOs, collect coins, munch ice cream and donuts, drink milk and energy-boosting beverages, be on the lookout for power-ups, avoid devastating power-downs, and basically make your way through cutely designed levels and discover your natural habitat – the infinite space. Nyan Cat: Lost in Space trots out multiple game modes: you can play with Nyan Cat’s evil counterpart, Tac Nayn, learn to fly on various planets and in parallel universes in Nyan Wings, and even go old school in the Nyanogotchi special feature in which you have to feed and train your Nyan Cat to earn precious rewards. To put the furry rainbow icing on the Nyan cake, you can enjoy the Grammy Award-winning Nyan Song as many times as you want, and play with different forms of Nyan Cat including Zombienyan and Supernyan.

Nyan Cat: Lost In Space 4.0 Update is Available! – Free

Nyan Cat: Lost In Space 4.0 Update is AVAILABLE! (iTunes) The Android version is coming in a few HOURS!

Bread Kittens


Bringing a delirious blend of pleasure and pain, there’s no better feeling or sight in the whole wide world for a cat owner than seeing their beloved feline companion, snuggled up in their lap, making bread (aka making biscuits, aka kneading) and showing their love with affectionate purrs while gently inserting the tips of their deadly Wolverine claws just a fraction of an inch under the owner’s skin so that, amidst the love fest, said owner does not forget for a second that the cute little Egyptian god could slid their throat anytime it wanted to in case things deviate from the kitty masterplan. Bread Kittens, lauded as THE best cat game for iPhone and boasting a five-star rating based on nearly 50,000 votes, is just as cute as a kneading cat, and it does involve bread-making. Bread Kittens is set in Catlandia, where the nefarious ChowCorp is brainwashing kittens, stripping them of their free will. You mission is to voyage through the manifold regions of Catlandia to save as many kittens as possible by defeating the poor brainwashed baby felines in action-packed one-on-one battles. Another main objective in Bread Kittens is unlocking recipes, as the tasty bread masterpieces you bake boost the strength of your kittens, increasing the chance of victory, and also bring the brainwashed, gone-feral cats back to normal once you “bread” them. Each kitten you collect comes equipped with unique attacks and abilities, and there are tons of breeds, ensuring that you’ll able to save and recruit your absolute favorites. Bread Kitten boasts beautiful HD graphics, easy-to-master gameplay, epic boss fights, heaps of kitten level-ups, and a mix of unmatchable cuteness and humor.

Nom Cat – Endless Feeding Frenzy Arcade Game


Whether it’s yummy treats, a serving of mouth-watering tuna pate, or crunchy kibbles, cats love to omnomnomnom, which is at the center of Nom Cat’s endless freezing frenzy. The goal in Nom Cat is to feed your two chosen felines with endless waves of fish by tapping on the screen at the right time. Be careful, though, and don’t let your attention waver for even a split second, because it’s raining bombs, and once your kitten gulps down one of those bad boys, it’s game over for you! Be on the lookout for goldfish, because the more you collect, the more meowing superstars – such as Garfield, Grumpy Cat, and Nyan Cat – you’ll be able to unlock. All in all, Nom Cat is immensely addictive and easy to play with, providing a delicious iPhone cat game treat for feline fanatics of all ages.

Kitty Cat Clicker - Feed the Virtual Pet Kitten with Fish, Pizza, Candy and Cookie Chips


Kitties and clicking – they just click! Kitty Cat Clicker is a dangerously addictive clicking bonanza featuring chubby felines and a Queen Cat with an insatiable hunger for tasty snacks. Accordingly, the goal in Kitty Cat Clicker is to feed the Queen until she’s full by building an army of faithful fluffy felines (the recruits at your service include the Superhero Cat, the Sushi Cat, Catzilla, the Bavarian Cat, and many more) who’ll help you scoop in the delicacies raining down from the sky and who’ll be of tremendous help thanks to their unique abilities. Once the Queen is satisfied, she’ll grant permission to open the stuffed-with-goodies Treasure Chest – though her satisfaction is always temporary, so your dedication to feed her must be permanently unwavering.

Kitty Cat Clicker – Clicker Game with Cute Kittens for iPhone and Android

Download on the App Store: Download on Google Play: The Internet might not be ready for this: cats meet clickers! Kitty Cat Clicker is the game that will finally take your productivity to zero. Be warned: there’s no life after downloading this game.

Grumpy Cat’s Worst Game Ever


The most memetastic and grumpiest cat in all known realms and universes brings his signature grumpiness, uplifting cynicism, and all-encompassing loathe to your iPhone in a mini-game bonanza that is far from being the worst game ever. Although cats are thought to have nine lives, in Grumpy Cat’s Worst Game Ever, you start out with only three. The goal is to survive as long as possible by conquering a plethora of Grumpified challenges such as catching the elusive laser dot, catching birds while freefalling from space, launch into a cardboard box, find the goldfish while hopping from cloud to cloud high up in the sky, removing cactus needles from your fur, and whacking those pestering mice. By conquering these challenges, you’ll unlock new Grumpy characters – and thus new mini-games -, and you’ll be able to use your cantankerous cats as stickers in iMessage.

Neko Atsume: Kitty Collector


Neko Atsume’s Kitty Collector is based on a laughably simple concept, but knowing the roaring success it’s been enjoying, this heartwarmingly cute iPhone cat game is far from being a laughing stock. On account of its laidback gameplay, Kitty Collector is almost as relaxing as lazing around on the sofa after an exhausting day at work with your purring ball of fur by your side. In Kitty Collector, the objective is not overly complicated: fill your backyard with toys and treats to attract cats, and once they are there, you can watch them play around, take pictures of them, and put together aww-inducing albums of your cat photos to become the ultimate master kitty collector. More than 40 types of cats can pop up in your backyard to grab a bite and have fun with fellow felines, and rare cat breeds are also rumored to be roaming the neighborhood, but to attract these special creatures, you’ll need  equally special items.

Super Cat Tales


Super Cat Tales is the feline equivalent of Super Mario, boasting the same 8-bit graphics, the same lovably simple gameplay, and the same nostalgia-inducing, vintage fun. Starring six kitties equipped with distinctively different abilities, Super Cat Tales brings you hours of climbing-swimming-jumping-running action set on a mysterious island which you have to thoroughly explore to reunite Alex the Cat with his siblings. Super Cat Tales comes equipped with more than 50 levels to complete, and since different challenges call for different skillsets, make sure you always select the right feline for the task at hand. A must-have for Super Mario Fans and cat lovers alike.

Flappy Nyan


Remember the Flappy Bird craze? It feels like it happened a million years ago, but such is the nature of the fast times we’re living. Regarding less philosophical matters, Flappy Nyan is based on the same concept as its cat-prey counterpart, as you have to navigate Nyan and her rainbow chemtrail trail between pipes, avoiding crashes as long as your dexterity and timing allow. Thanks to a selection of 80 Nyan skins, you can customize your favorite flying feline, and be amused by the many ways she’ll tumble and fall after each crash. The game features Nyan’s evil copy-paste version, Tac Nayn, and since they are polar opposites, you have to complete each level backwards if you opt for the Tac game mode. Flappy Nyan comes equipped with 17 Nyanified themes, a remix of the original Nyan Cat theme, and Turbo Game modes for those with gunslinger-fast hands.

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