The Best Bean Counting Apps

Sep 24, 2010

I can’t balance my check book to save my life and with these apps, I don’t need to!

Mint: Money Manager, Budget & Personal Finance

This app makes your account easily available to view on your phone. Once you enter all your money related accounts, you can check your entire net worth with the tap of a finger. You can sign up for alerts when your balance is low and setting goals to set aside a little bit each month is a great tool and (almost) takes the dread out personal money management! It seems to transform into a game after a while. I know when I’ll feel so accomplished if I stay in the green zone a whole month! It hasn’t happened yet, but soon!


Chase Mobile

If you have a Chase account, you MUST download this app! Quite literally, you’ll almost never have to visit the bank or atm again! The check deposit by photos feature seems like something out of the Jetsons and bill pay is right on the main page. Even if you’re not Chase’s biggest fan, their app is something to write home about!


Wells Fargo Mobile

While not as feature rich as Chase’s app, this is a nice clean app where you can sign in with ease and make sure those cute heels you want to buy won’t make you overdraw!


PayPal – Send money quickly, safely and internationally

View your account on Paypal, make payments and if you loose a bet with your bar buddy, you can bump iphones to make the exchange with out those stale old-fashioned paper checks!

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