The Best Apps For Yoga Enthusiasts

Jun 18, 2010

Practice yoga anywhere with these yoga iPhone apps.

Authentic Yoga with Deepak Chopra and Tara Stiles

Created by Deepak Chopra and yoga instructor Tara Stiles, this app offers a series of video lectures on understanding yoga philosophy and demonstrates the yoga asanas.


Yoga Quiz Cards

Test your knowledge of yoga names in English and Sanskrit.



This app allows you to customize a yoga routine by choosing the duration, music and teacher’s voice (because some are more soothing than others!)


Yoga Deck

Yoga Deck features 70 cards of yoga poses. They include illustration, instructions, benefits and Sanskrit pronunciation.


Yoga Teacher

Now you’re the yoga instructor. Your job is to correct the alignment of the yoga grasshopper on the screen.


Yoga Finder

Yoga Finder helps you locate a yoga studio closest to your location.


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