The Best Apps for Toddlers All Parents Should Have on their iPhone

Feb 6, 2017

For digital native millennials, it is only natural that they’ve grown up surrounded by technology, getting acquainted with computer games, console games, and a variety of devices at an early age, experiencing all stages and feats of technological advancement firsthand and up close. Some say that introducing toddlers to technology – especially smartphones and tablets – can bring about a plethora of undesirable consequences, planting the seeds of unwanted behavioral patterns and of various forms of technology addiction. But responsible parents won’t let that happen, preventing any and all negative outcomes by handpicking the apps their children can use, preferring applications that contribute to the intellectual development of their little ones in a playful and enjoyable way. To assist forward-thinking parents in selecting toddler-friendly apps, we’ve put together a compilation of the best iPhone apps for toddlers.

Busy Shapes


In 2014, Busy Shapes took the iPhone toddler app genre by storm, amassing several awards along the way, including the Parents’ Choice Awards and the Children’s Technology Review Awards, proving that this toddler app is not kidding around.

Busy Shapes comes equipped with toddler-friendly, swiping-based controls

Inspired by the works of Swiss scientist and intelligence expert Jean Piaget, Busy Shapes aims to improve children’s ability to handle simple objects with a wide range of puzzles in which they have to alter simple shapes and place them in the matching holes. Busy Shapes comes equipped with toddler-friendly, swiping-based controls, a powerful AI that increases or decreases puzzle difficulty based on the unique results of each child, a “Guided Access” feature with which parents can disable selected parts of the screen and even the “Home” button to prevent their child from exiting the app by accident, and last not least real-time monitoring so that parents can keep track of their child’s progress and get advice on proper guidance.

Endless Alphabet

endlessalphabetEndless Alphabet, a former App of The Year runner-up, is an interactive educational app laying down the foundations of learning the alphabet and building vocabulary. Endless Alphabet comes equipped with a colorful collection of as-cute-as-it gets monsters and interactive puzzle games featuring talking letters and short animations illustrating the definition of each word, ensuring that your child will have a great time while learning the ins and outs of reading. Endless Alphabet trots out more than 100 words to learn and fiddle around with, bringing hours of letter-laden fun for your toddler.

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Endless Reader


Once your toddler is done mastering the alphabet with Endless Alphabet, it’s time to raise your little one’s literacy game to another level with Endless Reader, another interactive educational app featuring the same lovable and knowledge-expanding monsters. Endless Reader introduces the so-called sight words, the words that children are most likely to come across in primary school classes and in children’s books. With the guidance of the adorable Endless monsters, children can not only learn the correct spelling of sight words, but also their usage thanks to sentence puzzles.

Endless Reader introduces the so-called sight words, the words that children are most likely to come across in primary school classes and in children’s books.

To make the learning process more enjoyable, animations abound, illustrating each word with a mini-cartoon, for instance the word “dog” with a barking dog. From a pedagogical standpoint, Endless Reader gets an A+, as there are no high scores or failures, allowing each child to progress in their own pace. Endless Reader’s free version includes 6 words, with additional word packs available via in-app purchases.

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