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Published by Balint Kodaj on Education

For digital native millennials, it is only natural that they’ve grown up surrounded by technology, getting acquainted with computer games, console games, and a variety of devices at an early age, experiencing all stages and feats of technological advancement firsthand and up close. Some say that introducing toddlers to technology – especially smartphones and tablets – can bring about a plethora of undesirable consequences, planting the seeds of unwanted behavioral patterns and of various forms of technology addiction. But responsible parents won’t let that happen, preventing any and all negative outcomes by handpicking the apps their children can use, preferring applications that contribute to the intellectual development of their little ones in a playful and enjoyable way. To assist forward-thinking parents in selecting toddler-friendly apps, we’ve put together a compilation of the best iPhone apps for toddlers.

Busy Shapes


In 2014, Busy Shapes took the iPhone toddler app genre by storm, amassing several awards along the way, including the Parents’ Choice Awards and the Children’s Technology Review Awards, proving that this toddler app is not kidding around.