The best and most useful aviation apps pilots of all levels and aircraft should have on their iPhone

Apr 10, 2017

Whether you’re aspiring to get into the pilot seat of a light aircraft, a gigantic jetliner, or a helicopter, reaching your literally lofty goals will require years of studying and thousands of hours of rigorous practice. In case you’re already there – and by there we mean the coveted pilot seat -, regardless of both the size and the purpose of the aircraft you are flying, you must know very well from firsthand experience that being a pilot is equally as stressful of a job as it is enviable, unique, and enjoyable. The responsibilities you carry are huge, as the lives of human beings depend on your expertise, which is the utmost reason why you have to give one hundred percent every single time you fly an airplane. Although modern cockpits are packed with a wide range of electronic flight instruments, it is never a bad idea to load up on iPhone aviation apps – especially the ones introduced in our comprehensive compilation. Get ready for takeoff!

E6B Aviation Calculator

e6bE6B Aviation Calculator is one of the better flight calculators around. The app comes equipped with over 75 aviation calculations (including time, speed, distance, fuel, and altitude), aviation weather reports, and unit conversions, making it an essential tool for solving a variety of flight planning and in-flight navigating problems. E6B Aviation Calculator’s weather feature delivers in-depth, real-time weather reports, and gives you access to an immense database of worldwide weather reporting stations. Making your piloting duties a whole lot easier is a multifaceted unit conversion tool capable of executing more than 65 conversions for all metric and U.S. units. E6B Aviation Calculator costs $8.99.


cloudahoyCloudAhoy is the perfect iPhone aviation app for post-flight debriefing. Used by pilots of various aircraft and experience levels, there’s a better chance for a human being figuring out how to grow wings than anyone finding a better app for logging in-flight data than CloudAhoy. Once you download CloudAhoy and you ascend above the clouds, the app starts capturing in-flight data, which it combines with data gathered from other sources, then, the moment you land, the whole data package is sent to CloudAhoy’s server for thorough analyzation, waiting for you in a debriefing-ready form that you can share with fellow pilots and on any social media platform. Moreover, thanks to CloudAhoy’s intelligent rule-based engine, the app understands steep turns, traffic patterns, missed approaches, and autorotations, to name just a few, and thus knows how specific maneuvers should be flown. You can also view your flights in 2D or 3D, has a cockpit view with which you can relive your flight in 3D, and, speaking of views, packs a wind overview feature displaying wind conditions along your route and allowing you to check wind corrections. CloudAhoy’s flight logging, listing, and viewing features are free, while the debriefing service is free-of-charge for 35 days, then requires a subscription that costs $44.99 per annum.

MyRadar NOAA Weather Radar, Forecasts & Storms

myradarMyRadar is the go-to weather app of pilots flying aircraft over the territory of the United States (including Alaska, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico). MyRadar’s high definition Doppler radar data is processed from raw NOAA weather data courtesy of the National Weather Service, bringing you the most accurate real-time reflection of current weather conditions. Pilots will most definitely take advantage of the AIRMET and SIGMET map layers, and will also welcome the ability to overlay any flight onto the map with arms and wings wide open. If you thought MyRadar brings nothing else to the table, think again, because it packs weather warnings and alerts, customizable push notifications, and a hurricane tracker.

ForeFlight Mobile EFB


Bestselling and award-winning ForeFlight Mobile EFG, used by pilots and professional flight crews all around the globe, is the most popular flight planning and electronic flight bag app for iOS devices. On account of its diverse capabilities, ForeFlight can be rightfully denoted as the Swiss army knife of iPhone aviation apps, as it has all the tools you need for flight planning, for filing, amending, or cancelling flight plans, for briefing prior to takeoff, for getting crucial weather data for your flight routes, and for weight and balance calculations, to name just a few. Through ForeFlight, you can access an abundance of information on thousands of North American airports and FBOs such as VFR and IFR charts, procedure plates, and taxi charts.

LogTen Pro X: The Pilot Logbook


There is no questioning LogTen Pro’s popularity, as it is said to be used by more than 75,000 pilots flying a wide variety of aircraft – from gliders all the way to airliners – all around the world. The reason behind its popularity is simple: LogTen Pro is the most comprehensive and most versatile pilot logbook platform for iOS devices, offering a plethora of customization options so that you can select the data you deem necessary for tracking based on your type of flying, country, region, or company. LogTen Pro offers faster-than-a-fighter-jet, convenient data entre, one-tap access to crucial analytics, automatic detection of the nearest landing facilities, easy airline schedules importing, and seamless syncing with full iCloud Drive support.

Fly Smarter with LogTen Pro X Pilot Logbook for Mac, iPhone, iPad

LogTen Pro X is the world’s most advanced pilot logbook platform. And with incredible new capabilities and features designed to take full advantage of the latest operating systems, and the powerful new iPhone 6, not to mention iCloud, LogTen Pro X is so much more than your logbook.

Garmin Pilot

garminGarmin Pilot is made up of a set of essential tools tailor-made for corporate pilots and for general aviation. The app comes equipped with a flight planning feature containing detailed aviation weather information so that you can plan ahead and avoid dangerous flight paths, interactive maps visualizing weather conditions for your route, flight plan filing, real-time weather updates after takeoff, a GPS-driven instrument pack for navigation, interactive maps, weight and balance, airport information, and a comprehensive logbook.


AeroWeather Pro

aeroweatherAs a pilot, you can never know enough about the weather, which consequently means that you can never have enough weather apps on your iPhone delivering detailed aviation weather information. AeroWeather Pro does exactly that, bringing you weather forecasts and current conditions, gathering data from highly reliable airport weather stations from all over the globe.



skydaemonSkyDemon, tailor-made for VFR flight planning and in-flight navigation, should be on the iPhones of all European pilots. With SkyDemon, you can plan a flight route in a matter of seconds simply by tapping on waypoints, and you can make changes to your route anytime by dragging either waypoint to your new destination. SkyDemon features aeronautical vector charts with dynamic airspace clipping and a huge selection of map layers, a virtual radar indicating how your route relates to, for instance, airspace, terrain, and obstructions, headings and groundspeeds calculation from wind data, fuel, weight, and balance calculations, rainfall data, airspace warnings, and many more.

Air Navigation Pro

airnavigationproAir Navigation Pro, designed specifically for VFR pilots, specializes in real-time GPS navigation and flight planning. With Air Navigation, you can plan your flight routes with little to no effort, track your flights, and access an immense database containing over 180,000 waypoints worldwide and airspaces for more than 100 countries. The app also features several aeronautical charts, approach charts, an interactive moving map indicating airspaces and waypoints, a set of map widgets, elevation data, terrain awareness in 2D and 3D, weight and balance computer, a logbook, live flight tracking, 3D synthetic vision with realistic terrain view, and we could go on for the whole duration of a London-Auckland flight. Air Navigation Pro costs $49.99, but in light of the myriad of features packed into the app, that price tag is, at least in our humble opinion, rather reasonable.


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FltPlan Go

fltplangoFltPlan Go, optimized for iPad, is a must-have, exceptionally versatile aviation app for iOS you should definitely download on your device as soon as you’re done reading this article if you’re a regular user of FltPlan Go packs heaps of professional flight planning and mapping features, and since FltPlan has more than 16 years of experience in general aviation, you can be absolutely sure that you, your plane, and your passengers will be in good hands all throughout your flight. FltPlan Go makes flight planning and navigation a breeze with moving maps, in-flight, real-time aviation weather information, aircraft checklists, weight and balance calculations, a cloud tops tool, and many more.



Fly like an eagle! Or a boss. Ah, we got it: fly like an eagle boss! Although Stratajet is kind of an odd-one-out, it is closely related to aviation, so we’ll just let this one fly – and we hope you’ll do the same. In case you would, at least once in a while, rather sit in a passenger seat instead of the good old pilot seat, and you’d prefer for that chair to be well-cushioned, made of pleasantly scented leather, and, most importantly, aboard a private jet, downloading Stratajet on your iPhone should be priority number one for you. Stratajet is the best app for booking private jets worldwide. Thanks to its immense database and lightning-fast search engine, you can find and book private flights from and to any destination in the world in a matter of seconds – but only after, of course, comparing prices and examining all the options you have. You can book and pay within the app, and since the indicated prices are fully accurate, you don’t have to worry about sneaky hidden fees.

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