The Art of Hairstyles with HairChitect

Oct 5, 2016

While theoretically looks should not be a factor in how people are treated, countless studies have suggested that the treatment of others is widely based on how they are perceived. This judgment is derived from a range of influences including clothes, attitude, confidence, and appearance. While it may be difficult to alter attitudes or physical appearances, a quick way to enhance personal image is through hairstyle.

Being a relatively inexpensive way to change perception, hairstyles offer the convenience of expressing personality, lifestyle, and emphasizing facial features in a short period of time. With the importance of getting the right hairstyle, HairChitect is a professional training tool designed for barbers and hair stylists around the world to markup photographs or head sheets to give the stylist or student precise instructions on how to improve the haircut of their clients.

Developed by Joffre Jara, the app has a simple, user-friendly interface that is designed to help teachers train their students in the art of hairstyle with a precise learning tool. HairChitect utilizes various arrows, curves, text, and straight lines to edit instructions on how to accurately style and cut various types of hair. The app further houses other tools on the dashboard including hair dryers, razor blade, scissors, hair combs, and other tools that make learning the craft of perfecting different hairstyles more intuitive than simply using dummies and volunteers. With the range of features offered in the app, HairChitect enables its users to familiarize themselves with the tools and its uses prior to actually applying it to more expensive substitutes.

Allowing users to pick the color, size, and opacity of the hair selection in which they can draw on accurately represents potential hairstyles which stylists may come across in the future, making the app highly applicable for those looking to learn the trade. HairChitect further enables the easy selection of different colors and size of each drawing tool as well as to view the image from any angle, a feature that other hair-cutting tools fail to provide. With the ability to quickly undo and redo markings on any image, practicing stylists are able to quickly learn from their mistakes and quickly apply their theoretical education without the costs associated with practicing on other, more expensive resources. When a stylist is satisfied with the edits that they have made, they are able to save the image for later reference or share it on social media for potential clients and colleagues.

A must have tool for clients and stylists to better communicate desired hairstyles, the app is available on the App Store for $5.99 USD. Despite being more expensive than traditional beauty apps, HairChitect offers professional services that are difficult to replicate in other tools aimed at hairstyle education. As an app designed to become the standard of training for new and professional stylists alike, learning to perfect various types of hair is made more affordable and simple through stimulating different circumstances in such a way that avoids expensive dummies and the use of volunteer clients.

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