The 5 Free Apps I Will Never Delete

May 20, 2010

There are lots of apps out there. Some seem great right off the bat. Some work for a while but then you just don’t need or want them anymore. And the slim few are ones you know you’ll never get rid of no matter what. For me, these are those apps.


Let’s face it, having facebook on your phone is amazing if you use facebook at all. You can chat with your friends, post that insane picture you just took and just generally stay connected while on the go (or while waiting somewhere bored to death). This app will never go into the delete bin.


Skype for iPhone

I use this app constantly. I regularly need to join a skype call but rarely have a headset with me for whatever comptuer I’m on and this app allows me to be on a conference call on skype from my phone. The fact that it extends my calling area to ANYWHERE in ANY Country where I can find wifi is a miracle not reserved just for Christmas.



As I travel more I also become more picky about where I’m willing to eat. No longer will I randomly go into a restaurant just because it smells good. First I check Yelp and if it’s telling me that everyone and their mother hates the place I move on, nose be damned!


Foursquare – Find Places to Eat, Drink, and Visit

OK, this just keeps me entertained while I’m moving around but I also realize it’s a way for me to share my fav businesses with my friends in a way that’s quite a bit quicker than writing up a Yelp review.



The best part of the “cloud” is knowing that your information is someplace else other than just your computer’s hard drive (cause let’s face it, we all forget to back up sometimes). Flickr let’s me store pictures outside of my computer, share them with my friends and keep up on their most recent adventures.

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