Tessitura: music theory app for iPhone

Sep 13, 2016

Tessitura Pro is a revolutionary music theory app to study and practice scales and modes in depth. Musicians of all barckgrounds and styles, from Jazz to Rock/Pop to Classical and Contemporary will find Tessitura Pro and endless source of materials to draw ideas for improvisation and composition, practice their instrument technique and learn any scale and mode and how they relate to each other.

There are no other music theory apps that go this deep in the study of scales and modes, and no other app offers a method to practice them. The pattern-practice approach offers hundreds of preloaded patterns and the ability to create your own which may then be applied to any scale or mode you can imagine.

It is important to notice that Tessitura Pro is not for the beginner student. A basic knowledge of music notation is needed, it also uses the circle of fifths as the main driving concept so you should be acquainted with it and have the music theory background to understand the concepts of degrees in a scale, chord-tones and tensions. There are plenty of video tutorials and demos on the mDecks Music Youtube Channel:

Tessitura Pro will prove to be an essential tool for studying musicians as well as for music teachers. The graphical approach to representing scales is powerful and brings a new perspective to the massive world of scales and modes. Tessitura Pro is developed by mDecks Music (Ariel J Ramos, Film Composer), the creators of Mapping Tonal Harmony Pro and many other music theory apps for the intermediate to advanced musician and music teacher.

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