Tea Lover Apps!

Apr 20, 2011

Oolong? Black Tea? Darjeeling? Which is better for your health? How long should you let your tea seep? The vast world of Teas can be overwhelming and these apps will help you out!

Tea Remedy

This is the app you need to find out what tea your current time, mood, or ailment calls for! Simple and cleanly designed. A must have for tea lovers!



This super slick app is like a log of all the teas you drink. You can make notes on how exactly you brewed it, how it came out and what you can do to make it perfect next time. For hard core tea drinkers!


Tea Time!

A simple tea seeping timer app for making the perfect cup of tea! You scroll down the lists of types of tea and specify bagged or loose tea. Then you have start the timer and you can resume whatever you were doing on your phone. You’ll get a notification when your tea is done!


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