TAPP into your Creative Genius

Aug 2, 2011

Even those with brilliant minds fall into a slump and need some inspiration to forge ahead in their endeavors. Here are some apps that can help you with your creative block!

Wreck This App

This app is like an activity book and each new “page” it gives you a one line instruction that you need to do on that page. A simple concept, but I’ve found it to help me out of a creative block!



This app gives you a multitude of situations for your story, art scene or even your next blog entry. You can enter words and lock them in or just push “shake” to get a new set of elements. Well designed and easy to use.


Table Topics from ideaSEEDER

This app will make sure the conversation never goes dead. Prompting the talkers to answer thought provoking questions. This app also includes different situations such as questions good for happy hour or on an airplane. A fun app and good for beating writer’s block as well!


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